Interview Tips & Tricks - Its All About Marketing the Skills and Talents

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Having the appropriate skill sets is not sufficient until and unless a person has the pre-interview preparation.  IT is necessary to have an idea about the type of questions that may arise and the answer to the same should be a heart winning one and not merely blame or highlight a problem.


What is an interview?

From the job seeker's perspective, an interview is all about marketing one's skill and talents, thereby projecting oneself as the most suitable candidate for a given post.


From the Employer's perspective, interview is a tool for judging the employability of candidates for a given post.


In an interview, the questions that are put before a candidate are specially formulated by the employer to draw out some insights into the candidates' personality traits.


There are a number of questions such as "why were you fired?" etc that are often enough to baffle a fresher and take the wits out of them.  Paradoxical as this may sound, but the best answer is not always the right answer.  The best answer is one that is objective and focuses on solutions and positive outcome rather than blaming and dead analysis.


Keep in Mind Always

To remain calm when faced with tough interview questions.To remain objective and focus on the solution not the problemNot to bad mouth or blame any of your past colleagues or bossesTo check and beware of body language during uncomfortable questionsTo practice every possible uncomfortable question regarding your past job before the interviewTo identify and beware of what regards uncomfortable reactions regarding your past jobTo have sufficient questions for the interview to ensure that the past job experience does not repeat here; the question should be subtle but which can give you the sufficient information to help you to decide whether you should or not take the job if offered.Never to tell lies - even if you are sorely tempted during a tough questionNot to show frustration, anger or disappointment on circumstances of leaving the past job.To show that you have outgrown the past and gained out of the experience even if it was not a pleasant one.


ICA believes that pre-interview preparation is as important as acquiring the skill sets in communication, personality development & overall thorough knowledge in the Accounting field. Students are trained in such a way that they acquire practical knowledge in topics like Basics of computers, Financial Accounting packages, Advanced Accounts Training, Taxation, Excise & Service Tax, R.O.C., Payroll & Investment & Banking, which is actually required at work.


A group of highly competent faculties which include CA, CS, ICWA, MBA & highly qualified computer professionals nurturing each and every individual in a very affable way. The class studies include assignments with real projects on live data in order to enable them to reconcile theoretical knowledge with practical exposure.


Our ever-active Placement division with their technically strong recruitment perception has already placed 30000+ candidates successfully across the vertical.  In the recent months a new feather has been added to this cap through the overseas placement of our candidates.




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