Change Your Website Not At The Cost Of Customers

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It is suggested that redesigning of website should only consider as a last option because often changing the arrangement of your menu and website structure makes your audience feel unhappy and it may possible that new look can deflect existing users and if you alter part of the URL then you will end up with a lot of broken links and lose your earned search engine ranking.

Those people who are living with successful website may feel the demand to redesign it at some point of time and it may possible that now they have option to go with the better programs and tools. It may possible that they are now more educated and just want to pass on that knowledge to their website or it may be the requirement for them because they have collected feedback from their valued audience who are urging them to change a certain area of their website.

So it may possible that at one point of time webmasters sees website and consider to make a design change in the presentation of the website and while re-designing of website the major goal is it should remain as to minimize damaging factors. Website should be done in a way that it understate the harm and provide great outcome and the success of the change.

You should keep in mind that broken links on your website can be an annihilating factor which can be result of redesigning one's website, either because of already available backlinks directing towards pages that does not exist or users may have bookmarked their choice of pages that are not there on your website. It is sure that detrimental backlinks will harm your website in the rankings which in term diminish the traffic to your website.

Let's say if you are having successful website running and you are planning for redesigning it then there are high chances of arising problems and issues. Sometimes it might be possible that redesigning of website leads to hinder the success of a website because the main issue is directly in relation with user familiarity and broken links. This simply means when user comes back to your website they are having familiarity with the structure of your website now if these things keep altering then the next time users comes to your website they may experience it more cumbersome to locate what they require due to the lack of familiarity with the new design and layout. It may possible that website will not drop off the bulk of its users share as an outcome of the change in the design but it can still remain harmful to the website to drop even a small amount of user share.

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