Choosing The Best Managed Health Care Plan

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Before choosing a managed care plan make sure you have a list of services that you want it to provide. Sometimes a POS plan, because of its less-costly nature, does not offer all the services you might be expecting. Other than this you also need to ask a few questions from the company before you enroll into one of the managed care plans.

Some typical questions are: how many hospitals are covered under the plan you are about to purchase, what healthcare services are available, how much is the healthcare premium that you have pay, what are the deductibles and co-payments for non-network doctors and some other similar questions. This way you will be able to gain an insight into the operations of the health insurance you are planning to buy. If you are not satisfied with the answers or the plan does not seem to fulfill your needs, you can always consider an alternative.

You should also consider the number of doctors that are available under a managed care plan. If you plan to buy POS, this could be a very important step. If you need to see a specialist not listed on the network of doctors you may have to get a referral which is not always possible. So be sure that you are completely satisfied with the network to avoid heavy co-payments and other costs afterwards. However, there is always possibility of having the PCP convinced to refer an outside doctor. If that is the case, most of the charges of healthcare and other bills will be covered by the POS plan.

The managed care plans including POS are available as group policies, individual policies, medicare and medicaid. If you want to get a group policy you might have to get it through your job. Many group policy plans require that you stick with the plan at least for a year and then if you decide to change it you can do that freely. If the organization where you work does not offer group policies you may have to choose an individual policy. Individual policies are more expensive than group policies. Medicare is a Federal health insurance program and it covers the healthcare of people above the age of 65 and those will disabilities. Medicaid is designed for people with low income. Children and women who live alone can benefit from such a policy.

Also Some disadvantages of a POS plan like for non-network healthcare there are high co-payments and getting referrals for more specialists might not be an easy task. In addition for this there are deductibles in case of non network health care. However, this plan is overall less costly than PPO because the all this insurance companies covers most of your visits to physicians and specialists.

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