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by Phil Morettini - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 334 Share This!

As I run across tools and websites that I find particularly useful for software and high tech companies, I like to pass them along. One set of tools that I use quite frequently are the free search engine marketing tools by marketleap. There are three great tools available on this site:

1) A link popularity check: Links to your site are one of the most important aspects in raising the profile of your website with the search engines, thus increasing your chance of appearing high in the search engine results. This is terribly important, and will have a big effect on the level of traffic to your site. Using this tool, you can check how many links to your site are out there--as well as your competitors. You can even look at the details, and see where your competitors are getting links--then go there to get a link for your own site!

2) Search Engine Saturation: Allows you to view which of your website's pages are being indexed by the search engines. For those pages not listed, you will know you need to submit them to each search engine where they aren't listed--increasing your site's overall visibility.

3) Keyword Verification: Using this tool, you can specify target keyword or phrases. The tool will return to you where your site places on 7 important search engines. It will tell you where you're ranked on the first 3 pages, or whether your site doesn't show up on the first three pages, for someone doing a search on that keyword/phrase in a specific search engine. It's a great way to figure out if you're achieving your objectives for organic search engines. If not, you then know where you have work to do.

You can find these tools at

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical activity for any high tech company in today's marketplace. These tools, and similar ones on other sites, can really help you manage and enhance your website's position in your market, and pull relevant traffic to your site.

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