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A data base that is loaded with the official Scrabble word list was created so that when the letters are added into the search the Scrabble cheat will eliminate words that do not contain the letters that were not entered. Any of the words that are left will be manually compared to the input and use the blank tiles that have been entered. By process of elimination, words are found that can be made with the tiles that were entered into the search. Computer query programs have made it possible for a program such as Scrabble Cheat to be created. If you like playing games online you need to check out Scrabble Blast.

This is a great tool for a challenged word, but it is not a fair tool to use in a competition against an opponent that does not have the same access. Winning at all costs is taking away from the game's basic premise, to challenge the knowledge of the opponent and to help build vocabularies that are awesome.

There are always going to be those who look for the short cuts and the cheats. How is this furthering the game of Scrabble? There is a principle involved here that is getting lost in the technological age of cheating. The basis for a good Scrabble game is to challenge the knowledge base of the opponent and to build up fantastic vocabularies in your memory, not check online for a cheater solution to the game so that you can win at all costs.

The product works just fine, and it does what it says it will do. After all, it is simply a query program that will do a process of elimination at lightning speed that most computers can do. In the game of Scrabble, time is a factor to come up with the best word to put on the board with the letters that have been randomly drawn. How can using this software tool be justified in a friendly game let alone a game that is seriously competitive on a tournament level? These newly created software cheat programs are seen as a plague to decent competition.

Hopefully this tool will only be used by opponents that have equal access and not in serious competition at all. The Scrabble game is a time honored way to build a strong vocabulary, discover some particular quirks in language structures, and also help to inform an individual of the meaning of the words when a lexicon or dictionary are used. The Scrabble cheater is no way to really play a good game of Scrabble. The best game is played with your wits, your memory and your experience that you gain as you play against tougher and tougher opponents.

Fierce competition may send the weak running for a cheater program; they never learned to win by their own merits. Cheating has become so acceptable that this program is being touted as the way to beat everyone at all costs. Programs such as the Scrabble cheater should be seen as an insult to people's ingenuity and intelligence. Surely any serious Scrabble player would not want this tool in their arsenal of word skills for Scrabble.

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