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It is the time for VoIP providers to rejoice. VoIP mania is spreading across the entire business sector, and has touched and left an imprint on every part of the industry. Even when a few years ago businesses were apprehensive about this new telephony service, it was able to make its mark. It has unified the entire communication structure across varied organisations. Moreover, being location independent, it makes it possible to stay connected to your clients and internal public even while holidaying on a remote destination. All that is needed is a computer or an IP phone, broadband connection and a headphone with speakers. This mobility feature makes it convenient to attend that important conference even when you are struck in a traffic jam. Talk about paradise!

Different rates are charged by different VoIP service providers. Ideally, the VoIP provider who offers the best tariff should be selected among the host of providers in this field. However, that should not be the sole criteria for selection. Along with best rates, enhanced quality too should be part of the package. Before making the final selection, one should compare the VoIP providers to analyse the figures for average success ratio, average call duration and post duration delay that is offered by different service providers of voice over IP.

Renowned business VoIP service providers usually offer wholesale carrier services, profitable reseller programs, top quality VoIP business solutions and VoIP telephony services. Business solutions are ideal for contact centers whose main requirement is to make both long distance and international calls, in order to provide customer or technical support to their clients from across the globe.

Call shops, calling card companies, ISP and ITSP's too can utilise voice over IP telephony service. Call shops and calling card companies can use VoIP to make local, long distance and international calls instead of public switch telephony network. Not only will this lead to reduction in the call termination rates, enabling you to attract your customers with lower rates, but it will also increase your profit margin along with it. On the other hand, ISP and ITSP's can add on VoIP along with their broadband services, thus offering a complete solution package deal to their clients. This in turn will lead the clients to opt for your particular broadband connection, since they don't have to search for both a VoIP provider and WAN provider. For ISP and ITSP's, this would mean expansion of their product arena without bothering about making huge investments for infrastructure, or buying technical equipments or more manpower for taking care of the back-end processes. All this is taken care of by the premium service provider.

All that is needed is to opt for a provider who would provide you with the best services, which in turn you will be selling.

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