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During your visit to Adventureland California, you will come across various areas which are divided into different regions. California Adventureland is an adventure especially for the teenagers or adults. It consists of five areas: Sunshine Plaza, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, The Golden State, A Bug's Land and Paradise Pier. These areas are meant to resemble various aspects of California regarding its culture, landmarks and history.


Explore the areas of California Adventureland after acquiring the California Adventureland Tickets. Just after you pass the Golden Gate Bridge, you can see how beautifully a giant sun icon is placed in the center, which reflects the light of the sun.

Golden State is again divided into five different sub-lands like Golden Vine Winery, Condor Flats, The Bay Area, Grizzly Peak Recreation Area and Pacific Wharf. They are the major attractions of this specific area.

Paradise Pier is a waterside area of Adventureland California. This themed area offers various enchanting attractions like Maliboomer, Sun Wheel, California Screamin, Mulholland Madness, Golden Zephyr and many more.

Hollywood Pictures Backlot is another themed area which is related to Hollywood studio. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the most attractive free fall ride of this particular area.

A Bug's Land is an area which is based on the Disney-Pixar film A Bug's Life. Bountiful Valley Farm, It's Tough to be Bug are the attractions of A Bug's Land.

Apart from the five distinctive areas, California Adventureland has other interesting things to offer to its visitors. Among them, Parades play the major role. Disney's Electrical Parade, Pixar Play Parade, etc are worth to mention.

Disney Quest Tickets fall in the best seller category of Disney World Tickets. It's really a quest of wonders.

Kids as well as adults will definitely find this place interesting for it includes different adventurous events. You can ride roller coaster, fly magic carpets of Aladdin, and sail in the implicit world of Caribbean and Pirates.

High technology video games are also available here. Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam and Battle for Buccaneer Gold are the games that can be played here.

Make a quest of this indoor interactive theme park which is located in Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort. You are going to feel something different after experiencing the wonders of Disney Quest.

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