Radiation Seeds For Prostate Cancer

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If caught early, prostate cancer treatment has a reasonable success rate. As it is a slow developing cancer in most cases, treatment is aimed at curing the patient unless the cancer has spread to surrounding bone. In this case, treatment is aimed at prolonging life and reducing prostate cancer symptoms.

Radiation seeds for prostate cancer are a form of a treatment known as Brachytherapy., and are usually only suitable when the cancer is localised to the prostate and has not spread. The most common form of Brachytherapy involves iodine seed implants that are put below the prostate. These give a small dose of radiation over several months to the prostate cancer cells. It is considered that radiation seeds such as these have a low risk of any major side effects and the procedure is often straightforward.

The decision as to which treatment to use for prostate cancer is ultimately up to the patient, although a doctor will advise the best course of action. The course of action recommended will depend on the severity of the cancer, how advanced it is and whether it is spread or not.

It usually takes some time before symptoms of prostate cancer start to appear, as they only begin when the cancer grows large enough to put pressure on the urethra. Once this happens the man may have irregular and painful urine flow amongst other things. If symptoms of prostate cancer are observed then it is always advisable to contact your doctor immediately to see whether a scan is required.

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