Marriage and Families Matter

by James Kronefield - Date: 2007-07-27 - Word Count: 465 Share This!

There is no doubt about it, marriage and families matter to the average person more than anything else in their lives.

We may seek to deny it. We may isolate ourselves from the bonds of family, and avoid marriage relationships, or be distracted by careers and ambition from our family. We may rebel against discipline, and live apart. Even sometimes there are sadly still, those that are rejected by their families and unable to meet and enjoy quality time with their relations.

But, despite all this and the ready access to quality services helping us to meet those with similar interests and develop relationships outside the family, it is for most of us their marriage and families which matter to them the most.

The marriage and families blog has been created in recognition of this by Steve Evans. Steve married in his thirties after a period in which he did his best to try to escape from marriage and family. For almost ten years he traveled the world and throughout this time he seldom contacted his parents, other family members, or even friends. Although his parents remained together, throughout his childhood they had bickered, nagged and argued, and he wished none of this for himself.

However, as the time of his isolation passed he often thought of family, and the possibility of marriage. He then met, purely by chance, Mary, a special girl from his home town who was also traveling, and both of them came to value their families, and all those things they had left behind.

On their return, they decided to marry, but they realised that they had very little knowledge how to go about this the right way. Should they really get married? What would be the best Steps to Get Married, and how might they avoid family arguments before and during the wedding, with the expectations of all for this special day being so high. What games could they play at the engagement, and what gifts would be best to give as favors. Where could they be married, and what were the best honeymoon locations.

After marriage he wanted to know how he could keep his special partner (and never let her go), when so many marriages fail.

He wanted to know what gifts a woman really wants, and how successful couples stay married, and even argue at times - but still remain lovers and friends.

Steve Evans and Mary found answers to these questions that matter, and created the Marriage and Families Blog, where you will find tons of free information and eBooks, free to download, and for sale, about all of these matters, and more.

If marriage and families matter to you, you owe it to yourself to visit the Marriage and Families blog and related web sites.

If marriage and families matter to you visit and

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