Maximize Your Downline…Maximize Your Bottom Line

by Wendy Stevens - Date: 2007-08-27 - Word Count: 446 Share This!

The most effective way a network marketer can grow their income is by fully developing the potential of their downline. It is a proven fact that 5% of your downline will do 95% of the sales. If you don't take care of those you sponsor you may not see that much.

The very worst thing you can do is sponsor someone and expect them to function in a vacuum. Unfortunately it happens way too often. Many new network marketers think all they have to do is get people to sign up and then they never talk to them again. This flies in the face of the concept of sponsorship. Take some time and design into your business model various ways you can support your downline.

To build a successful downline each person must know what you want them to do and (most importantly) how you want to do it. The easiest way to communicate this is to create a simple and easy to understand FAQ that spells everything out for them. This will take a bit of time in the beginning but once you have it fine tuned it will save loads of time down the road.

Make sure that each person knows how to contact you when they have questions or problems. Answer their questions quickly and completely. Think of this as another facet of customer service (which in fact it is). The better you treat your downline the more eager, excited and willing they will be to tell other about you and the products or services you represent.

Another great tool you can provide to your downline is pre-prepared banners and text-links. All they have to do is cut and paste. You should also create a webpage or email that contains links to your distributor's site as well as direct links to the tools and/or reports they offer. Make it as simple as possible for the people you are sponsoring to utilize the tools available to them.

Set up a weekly or bi-weekly phone meeting or internet conference. This will not only allow you to keep in regularly touch with your downline it will help you identify your most profitable team members. You can also set up a yahoo group or private message board where you and your team can answer each others questions and offer support to each other.

The clearer you can make your expectations to each new person you sponsor and the easier you make it for them to succeed the more profitable your downline will be. By giving them easily accessible support and tools you are setting them up to prosper and succeed. The more successful your downline is the more lucrative your bottom line will.

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