What Are You Selling?

by Sarah Eiden - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 328 Share This!

This has been on my mind for sometime. You see, we all have dreams, we all need money, but how are we going about making those dreams a reality and making money? Over and over I see business opportunity websites and ads that cater to our flesh.

How many time have you come across statements like:
Make your dreams come true!
The answer for thousands!
You can be a success!
Retire early!

Are you making what you're worth?

These statements are "selling" a business opportunity.

True, people are attracted to business' that make money and the idea of "having it all". That's natural, but as a Christian business owners, let's consider what we are doing with the money we make and how we go about earning that money. Are we offering a legitimate way to make money? Are we being honest with home business seekers? Also, ask yourself, are you using "hot buttons" to attract people to your home business opportunity? Yes, using things that appeal to the flesh (tastes great, feel good, make money, sexy) do attract people. But, is that where you want to go with your business?

I've come to the conclusion that I don't.

I want to offer ways for families to make money that are affordable and profitable for their family budget. I want families to be able to offer products at a fair price and at the same time make a great commision. Families shouldn't have to worry about a sales quota, when Junior is teething or Junioretta is crying because her best friend isn't her best friend anymore. While life happens, momma is busy blessing her babies and taking care of business.

Think of Jesus' family. He grew up learning a trade. He worked with his hands providing a service. What lessons can we learn from his example? How are you being of service?

Oh lots of questions, I know and I've been far from perfect in this. Just things to consider on the Christian home business journey.

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