Indie Games - Why You Should Play Them

by Didier Evrard - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 344 Share This!

Today, the customer is the king who's so completely spoilt for choice. There's a wide option for entertainment - like movies or playing other available games. Then what is the need to play indie-games? Well, for starters it is the original flavor of the game that is most exciting.

Indie-games most certainly do not serve warmed-up leftovers. These games are unique and hence intriguing. They understand that tackling challenges is the most significant factor that draws layers to the game.

The U.S.P. of the game is that they bring out your creative side. This is because, the goals of the game allow individual expression, and there is no imposition. For you need to work to express your thoughts.

You like dancing, it's fun but the expression is not integrated in the task, but depends on you. You see someone being killed on T.V. do you feel the same pain as if you have been stabbed yourself?

Indie games score on this, as this is one experience, which can be lived. Yet it is not just a virtual experience, but also a real one, as you don't know what is going to happen.

If this hasn't set you adrenaline pumping - then here's more. Indie games unleash your imagination for its relation to the players is unique. A heroic quest allows you to rise beyond the ordinary, utilitarian world to the one that you have created yourself.

It gives you a similar pleasure of reading the classics. The ancient theme - a universal classic symbol an everyman helps in psychological growth and development.

So scoff at those who call you a geek. Remember watching the idiot box my turn you into a couch potato, but indie games allow you to think for yourself.

One reason for this is that indie games are realistic not arbitrary. The graphics used are innovative and the numbers of clicks are few.

Moreover the traditional sword playing has been upgraded to offer inspiration. Even the science fiction based is provided with more randomness. This is done to keep the game "fresh" and offer variety. After all, variety is the spice of life!

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