A Ride On The Luxurious Venice Simplonorientexpress

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The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, more generally known as the Orient Express, is a legendary train that conjures up visions of mystery and intrigue. It has been the subject of any books, and many movies and novels have taken their settings and plots from this luxurious train. It has a powerful grasp on the imagination, and in many ways, it is still the epitome of luxury travel.

The tradition of luxury train travel goes back to the mid-1800s, with George Mortimer Pullman creating a train that was the first of its kind in providing riders with every convenience and luxury of the nineteenth century. Ten years later, the first train cars with sleeping space and parlour space were available. It was around this time that Georges Nagelmackers started to create luxury trains that were intended for continental travel.

The first run of the Orient Express would travel from Paris to Giurgi, in Romania, with stops in Strasbourg, Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest. Even at that early date, the train had an impressive reputation for taking Western European travellers to exotic places, and by the turn of the century, the route was extended to Istanbul through the use of the Simplon Tunnel.

The twenties and thirties saw the reputation of this luxury train come into full flower, but the advent of World War II put a halt to it, and due to economy constraints and the advent of air travel, the train made its final run in 1977.

The train received a new lease on life when two of the carriages were bought at a Sotheby's auction, and over the next few years, 16 million US dollars were spent restoring and purchasing the 35 cars that made up this legendary train.

It runs today and taking a trip in this historic train is for many one of the most romantic and historic trips that they will ever take. You can enjoy a truly international experience as you take the train to all of the cities that the train once travelled to. While the cities have changed, the loving recreation of the train allows you to step back in time.

When you board the train, you will make the acquaintance of your personal steward, who will show you to your compartment and direct you to your appointed compartment. You will enjoy meals that have been prepared by skilled French chefs using ingredients that have been picked up fresh at each stop, and you'll be able to enjoy your dining experience in one of three dining cars that give you an unrivalled and impressive sense of atmosphere.

Choose from a single compartment or a double compartment, or combine two cabins into a private lounge with a banquette sofa and a sleeping compartment.

Why simply dream about the romantic luxury of the Orient Express when you could be living it and experiencing it yourself?

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