How To Use Viral Marketing And Tell-A-Friend Script To Generate Traffic

by Andrew Shiveley - Date: 2008-08-04 - Word Count: 551 Share This!

If you are a website owner, your main concern is how to generate as much traffic for your site as possible. Viral marketing and tell a friend script are amongst the most powerful traffic generation techniques that expert website owners employ on their own sites. Viral marketing is all the rage on the Internet because it works, and tell-a-friend scripts are so powerful that all of the biggest names in websites use it. When properly applied, these techniques can help boost your site into the web monster you want it to be.

Viral marketing, or viral promotion, is a time-tested tactic among the best Internet marketers in the world. If you create a viral product on a regular basis, i.e. a free piece of software, a PDF, an e-Book, or audio or video, people will always come back looking to see what you have new to offer that week. This brings in so much traffic because they will then tell others about your site. Also, if you can offer free tools or components that generate traffic on the sites of your visitors as well, you will have even more popularity.

Viral marketing is all about creativity. The more creative you are, the better your traffic generation will be. If your visitors like what they see, they will pass on their new and cool find to others, exploding your exposure. This technique is so powerful due to its high effectiveness and relatively low cost. Once your traffic snowball gets building, your ability to plaster your site with your address, logo, slogan, etc., will help further market to your visitors. Many companies offer discounts and rebates with their products to keep people revisiting. The best thing about viral marketing is that you are attracting repeat traffic that is willing to buy, allowing for your sales to have the potential to skyrocket.

Tell-A-Friend scripts, as they are known, are implemented by the industry giants. Have you ever read an online news story on MSN, Google, CNN, etc, and noticed a little box at the end of the article that asks you to send the article to a friend? This is essentially how this technique works, and allows for prospectively infinite link-building abilities.

Tell-A-Friend scripts are an incredibly easy way to gain traffic, especially if your content is quality. Implementing this traffic technique requires a simple addition of script to the code of your site. Once installed in paged where media is, people can input whomever they want and an email sends the media to the intended person like an email attachment that links back to your site, of course. Another powerful aspect of this technique is that it is, effectively, email marketing, but under the priceless cloak of the email address of the friend of the receiver, assuring they will open and follow the link. The programming is not complicated, and can be found in a search engine.

If you want the big traffic, viral marketing and tell-a-friend scripts should be staples of your site. These techniques are such sure bets when launching a site because the biggest sites in the industry implement them and result in millions of additional revenue in their pockets. If you want to bring your site up to the level of the big boys, start doing what they do.

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