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Everyone aspires to have a website that has the most hits on the internet. Unless it is your company website or a website that publishes results, achieving that might be a bot difficult! So what can you do to increase the traffic flow to your website? There are many tools and ideas floating on the internet to help you out. But before 'employing' any of those methods to get more hits to your website, there are some things that should be kept in mind.


•The website promoting the tool may itself be interested in increasing its own hits! That is nothing to be surprised of when most of the web pages on the internet solely depend on the number of hits for income. Otherwise why should the person be interested in floating a FREE information site? Unless, of course if he has a lot of money and lots of FREE time!

•Beware of malware and other harmful software. Many times, the concerned website may bring in unwanted harmful spam, viruses or spyware to your website. Be careful on what you click.

•Ask a lot of people before getting a bot to increase the clicks. That is doing your homework - in simple words!
What Software/Blog/Traffic?
There is a subtle difference between getting traffic and getting traffic rapidly. But one important note of caution here - people often do not want to be automatically getting carried to an unwanted site. Therefore make sure that you can generate organic traffic mostly. There are many methods to bring a rushing traffic to your website:

•SEO software: these softwares optimize the search results of the search engine used and bring the visitors to your website. And day by day, this technology is only getting better - that one hell of a good news!

•Blog: If you can blog on 'hot' topics, you're sure to get a lot of attention. Remember, the best wr and bloggers were not celebs but became so later on! Moreover, blogs on product reviews will undoubtedly give you more traffic than ever.

•Article Affiliate: Various affiliate products are promoted through websites. The best affiliate products to promote are the health and fitness related products. People are information hungry on this particular niche and they always want more articles on the same and even greater product reviews.

•Traffic Money: As already discussed, the traffic generated on your website will bring you money. The amount can be even greater if you can cleverly use clickbank products on your site.

•Google: Make money online - if you do not trust anything else, you can always trust Google to help you earn money. Using Google's Adsense, page rank and other software, you can earn money!
Website traffic money is more than often seen as an extra source of income. If you can make others click, the website will make you click!

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