The Best Way To Learn Spanish For Kids

by Kathy Anne Joyce - Date: 2010-06-15 - Word Count: 390 Share This!

Children have a greater ability to learn a second language as their brains are more efficient at processing information and retaining it.

But how early can children start learning another language? Before, parents would express concern about introducing another language. Their primary concern is that it could cause confusion and delay in the child's development. However, recent studies showed that children, even toddlers, were able to develop stronger minds when learning a second language.

According to the Cornell Language Acquisition there are no negative effects on children who learn a second language, in fact bilingual children tend to be more attentive and focused than those who only speak one language.

You could begin by reading to them. Reading to children helps to give them an idea about the new words, but make sure there are plenty of pictures so that they can associate the words with images.

Try reading English and Spanish books to them on alternate nights. Make it interesting and fun. You could let them watch cartoons in Spanish and get them involved in interactive games. Look for computer games and board games designed to help children learn Spanish.

If your child is having Spanish lessons at school you could talk to their teacher as they could provide you with some useful resources and materials.

Learning a new language can help children become more sensitive to other cultures and learn from them. To encourage children to learn Spanish, you could start by introducing them to Spanish music and dance. You could even have a Spanish themed-meal at home or take them out to a Spanish restaurant and let them order their own food.

The benefits of learning Spanish are enormous as it's the second most widely spoken language and can open up lots of opportunities in the job market when children leave college. It will also make communication in other non English speaking countries much easier.

The world has become a much smaller place with technological advances in communication, and interacting with people from other cultures and languages is commonplace.

Many companies now hold virtual meetings or webinars, and this makes it possible to do business in Spanish speaking countries without leaving the office. Graduates who can speak another language such as Spanish will have a greater chance of getting a job.

So encouraging your child to learn Spanish will give them more opportunities in later years.

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