The Meanings Of Unusual Baby Boy Names

by James Lunden - Date: 2010-08-27 - Word Count: 297 Share This!

When you are preparing to welcome your new baby boy, there is much to prepare. It can be overwhelming to the parents to be. Coming up with just the right name is one of many things that are important to mom and dad. From traditional names to contemporary ones, some parents seek unusual baby boy names for their new bundle of joy. Often, they choose the name based on the meaning to give it more significance.

Many of the unusual names are rooted in traditions like religion or other cultural tradition. These names are growing in popularity as parents are often searching for meaningful unusual baby boy names. Quinn is a popular name for both boys and girls. It is a Gaelic name meaning "wise leader". It's clear to see why parents would want to bestow such a name on their son. Another unusual boy name is Lyle, which is rooted from the French word for island.

Keegan has recently become popular for new parents. This Gaelic name meaning "small flame" is one of the more unusual baby boy names. Ari is a name coming from the Hebrew word for lion. Parents seeking a traditional but unique name often use it. Another name rooted in religious connotation is Nevin, which means creation. One more name that has become popular recently is the name Elliot. It enjoyed resurgence in popularity after the movie "E.T." popularized it again.

Naming your new baby boy is a huge responsibility. It can be overwhelming to find just the right name for your son. Many parents seek an unusual baby boy name to represent how special their new baby is to them. No matter what name they choose, welcoming their new baby boy will be one of the most thrilling experiences of the parents' lives.

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