To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary - Chapter 23

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Worry of Bob Ewell's Threat:

Bob Ewell's threat to Atticus worries everyone except Atticus himself. Bob threatens to get back at Atticus for the embarrassment he received during the hearing. Atticus shrugs his shoulders and tells the children that Bob Ewell needs to get the spirit of revenge out of his system. He regards the whole thing as an empty threat. Atticus does not expect Bob to make any more trouble, but Aunt Alexandra and the kids cannot help feeling worried.

Tom Robinson is Wrongfully Imprisoned:

Tom Robinson stays in a prison that is about 70 miles from Maycomb. His appeal is still active in the court system. Atticus feels Tom has a good chance that the court will grant him pardon. Jem asks Atticus about the consequence of losing the case. Atticus honestly tells him that there is a possibility Tom may end in an electric chair if he loses the case. The State of Alabama considers rape as a capital offense. Atticus explains to Jem about the jury process and the possibility of an execution. Atticus reveals that Alabama law regards a white man's word highly over a colored man's word. He sees that Tom has been lucky enough to make the jury out longer than expected. One of the twelve men tried to acquit. Surprisingly, he came from the Cunningham clan.

Scout want Walter Cunningham over for Dinner:

Scout hears the remark and expresses her desire to invite Walter Cunningham over the house for dinner. However, Aunt Alexandra denies the requests, telling her that the Finch family does not make any associations with trash. Scout begins to get upset and Jem hastily leads her out of the living room.

Jem and Scout Try to Understand:

Jem shows Scout the hair growing on his chest. He plans to join the football team and try it out this coming fall. They end up talking about the society and the family's class system. They are looking to understand why their Aunt does not like the Cunningham clan and why the Cunningham's hate the Ewells. They are trying to understand why the Ewell family hates colored people. They are unable to derive an explanation for the hatred running among these people. They then come to the conclusion that Boo Radley does not goes out of his house because he simply does not want to leave the house.

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