Lose Pregnancy Weight - How To Be Fitter Than Ever Before

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Many women are discouraged to find their bodies seriously changed after nine months of pregnancy. This usually serves as a wake up call to take action and recapture their disappearing figures. If you are a new mother who finds herself with a desire to lose pregnancy weight and get back into shape, I have news for you.

"Dieting" is a misnomer. "Dieting" suggests a temporary remedy. To really make a change for the better when it comes to getting and staying in shape, it really takes a change in your lifestyle. That is often why individuals will not make a change until something drastic happens in their life to force their hand. That is human nature. If you have reached a point where you are willing to make changes to your lifestyle, here are a few changes that are likely to come along.

Buy a Book of Calorie Counts and Start Paying Attention
Once you've had your child, the same rules of nutrition apply just as they did before you conceived your child. Calories in and calories out is your main gas gauge. To lose pregnancy weight, or any other kind of weight gain, you are going to have to start paying attention to how many calories you're putting into your tank.
Depending on your weight and activity, you are probably looking at around two thousand calories a day, not including your cheat day.

Highly Nutritious Foods Will Become Priority
When you start to pay attention to the calories contained in foods, you will notice that it is generally foods which are nutritionally dense that are the lowest in calories.

Eating Smaller Meals More Often Throughout the Day
This is key to cranking up your metabolism. You may be thinking this is going to be way too inconvenient, but it's not. People in great shape don't gorge. You won't believe the effect this habit alone has on your energy, and mobilizing those dormant fat cells. Not to mention the many benefits to your blood sugar levels.

Exercise is the Secret in Plain Site
It's not just about limiting your calories so you're body must use stored fat. It's not a one dimensional process. You have to burn calories as well. You're body will not lose the fat stores half as efficiently as when you combine exercise in combination. You'll be amazed at how fast you can melt fat from your frame and lose pregnancy weight when you have a few prerequisites in place.

Join a Gym
You can take walks, roller blade, bicycle, etc. This will burn calories and boost your metabolism to help you lose pregnancy weight. But, in my experience the most amazing transformations have been made in the gym with weight resistance training, pumping iron. Nothing can burn fat, tone your muscles, and strengthen your bones like lifting weights. You will lose pregnancy weight and then some! And believe me; you get plenty of "cardio" from lifting weights alone. It's 2008; the gym member's across America are half female now. There are plenty of gyms for women only as well as designated areas for women only. You no longer have that excuse.

Seek Partners, Friends or Trainers to Keep You on Target
The first three months are crucial. There is a learning curve and sometimes it takes 8-10 weeks to start seeing the results of your labors. Start associating yourself with the people who are already doing it. They'll be glad to help you. You may start with a goal to lose pregnancy weight, but you could very well end up in the best shape of your life!

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