Power And Social Dynamics For Male Confidence

by Rion Williams - Date: 2007-04-12 - Word Count: 785 Share This!

If you base things 'socially' you're going to be powerless and feel like crap much of the time.

Being subject to the power of 'the group' is an invitation to just give up all of your power and to be used by others to their benefit (or not at all).

This is especially true now because social influence is just a power game by players and pawns. Agree that we're 'social creatures' by default and you'll be stuck at the bottom of the unequal power game because you're in that social environment.

And if you take being 'social' too seriously without understanding what kind of power game it is, you're going to be further psychologically damaged.

Notice how there are 'A' list actors and then there are 'B' and 'C' list actors?

If you base your self-esteem socially on a scale or hierarchy and you're NOT the guy at the top; you're doomed to fail because you'll be at the bottom or unrecognizable in many cases.

People won't care or be as interested in you but it's only because you've accepted to fall into that line of thinking. And if you care what they care about, you're subject to their violation and disrespect of your own independence.

You'll be a sucker or pawn who is being influenced in someone else's power game. These relationships are VERY real and happen all of the time there is interaction with (new) people; you just have to be more cognitive of it.

Unfortunately, average guy, consumer men are at the bottom of the social hierarchy and beautiful, sexy, hot women are much higher than them on the social scale.

They are the stimulus and you are the conditioned response. Coming from that frame is the main reason men fail with women. It's the opposite of nature and it's purely a social CONstruct by people who are profiting in the billions of dollars.

If you accept that (social doctrine) in your relational reality, that is the pure root of your failure with women. It's not your self-limiting beliefs or lack of courage; it's your ignorance to relational power and your relationship in the greater context of society and power.

Rarely is there a truly 'equal' man in relation to the amount of power and leverage that is out there. I am that man but there should be more of us.

Things are not just 'equal' socially; there is a LOT of elusively obvious power that his being wielded and invisible types of true relationships being formed all the time between people interpersonally.

Most first world men live in a reality where they accept what they see in front of them; that these hot, sexy women are indeed the prize and hopefully they could 'get lucky' or 'get some' but rarely will that happen if ever (with the type of women they dream of).

They don't ever realize that they are just a pawn in a great social power game. Even if they did, they have been conditioned so much and the fear is very real when they see or approach these types of women.

This calls for a real solution and enough with the popular technique based approaches for guys who are living in the woman's reality.

You have to live in your leveraged and powerful reality like a Neo to even compare with the power these women represent.

It's a reality where you are ALWAYS equal in relational power to everything around you.

It's why when I meet celebrities or beautiful women, I'm not nervous around them at all..in fact sometimes I'm even MORE comfortable than usual because I know they're going to like the fact that I'm their relational equal.

In order to neutralize such social power that women represent, your inner game can barely compete because there is no initial power leverage there.

You have to have as much power yourself as the women do and that's why millions of men aren't 'scoring'. Women go for the bad boys and jerks because those guys keep their relational power around these women.

The exact women you want are representing Inner and Socially rooted characteristics that are very leveraged and very powerful.

Your ignorance to that power is the root of your incongruency, response and fear around them.

Hypnosis or NLP may not even fix it because the problem is outside of you in a sense. You're not a bad guy.

So while other teachers are teaching guys breathing techniques, the architects of social influence are still laughing themselves to the bank how they've duped millions of guys into putting women as the stimulus, thus increasing their profit for your fantasy world and leaving your actual sex life quite dry.

Learn the truth and it will set you free. Inner game is not enough because you'll still be ignorant to the truth.

-Rion Williams

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