Managing the Recruiter

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You're a manager and don't have the time to do the all of the recruiting for your open position, so you rely on other people to help you in your talent search. Whether you depend on your Human Resources Department or outside recruiters to find the right candidates, it's important to know what you can expect from them.

Note: Most companies use external recruiters for hard to fill positions. The cost is high but worth it in a tight talent marketplace.

Time is so important and you want the right candidates to show up at your office for interviews, so set clear expectations.

==>What Can You Expect from the Recruiter?

A recruiter can do all or part of the recruiting process. It makes your life a lot easier if they handle most of the recruiting functions.

==>Basic functions of a Recruiter:

--Place ads for the open position

--Sort through the resumes to locate the right candidates

--Use their network to find suitable candidates

--Do the first level interviewing

--Screening the candidates

--Skills Testing

--Reference checking

--Handle the job offer with the selected candidate

==>What Else Can You Expect From Your Recruiter?

--That they understand your business.

--Provide feedback on the market...what does the market look like, what positions are difficult to find talent for, or how does your salary match the market.

--They are offering different business solutions to your hiring needs. For example, a temporary employee that meets the job requirements and you can potentially hire. Alternatively, suggesting an active search for strong passive candidates in your industry.

--They are asking the right questions about the open position.

--Your recruiter has the ability to assess the skills of the candidates...for example, open technology positions.

--The recruiter can be responsible for the whole recruiting process.

==>What Do You Need To Do?

--Whether you have a job description or not, you need to provide specific information around what skills, knowledge and attributes you are looking for in the candidates.

--What is the level of the talent you are looking for...experienced, highly educated, or junior and willing to train. Each performance level requires a different screening focus.

--Are you looking to fill the position quickly or do you want the best talent the recruiter can find?

--What are the advantages for the candidate in working with you, your department or the company that the recruiter can share with candidates? Even if it is an inside recruiter, make sure you cover this point with them.

--If you have several open positions, determine how the recruiter is to handle them...equally or focus on the most important role first.

--State clearly your budget for the much you are willing to pay for the position. If you are looking for top talent, you will have to pay more.

--For an outside recruiter, you need to negotiate the amount you are willing to pay the recruiter if they locate the right candidate. Payment is usually a percentage of the candidate's annual salary. Recruiting fees range from 20%-35% of the annual salary. You can expect to be offered around a 3 - 6 month guarantee for the candidate meeting the job requirements. The percentages of annual salary and guarantees are based on the level of the position.

You are building a relationship with the recruiter...they are your initial spokesperson to all of the candidates. They represent you and the company. You don't want to lose a strong candidate because the recruiter didn't present the position correctly. Spend the initial time upfront to insure the recruiter knows what to do.

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