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If you suspect a Peeping Tom is watching you through your window, take these steps to stop him.

Realizing that someone is secretly watching you in your home - usually in your bedroom - is creepy. It's important to stop him because, unchecked, his behavior could become even more invasive.

Guy Spy

Law student Natasha Nel, 19, says she felt someone watching her for three mornings before she actually caught him peeping. 'I live quite far from university, in a secure complex and get up at 5am to get to my classes on time. I used to think no-one else was, up that early. And when I first felt as though someone was watching me I just put it down to paranoia. Then one morning I heard the sound of tracksuit material rustling outside my window while I was getting dressed. I pretended to leave the room but turned and switched off the light at the last minute - and there was the perfect silhouette of a man outside my bedroom window. I was so shocked that I froze for a few seconds before fetching my boyfriend. By the time we got outside, the man was gone.'

Spoil His Sport

Although Peeping Toms usually don't present a physical threat, ignoring them is not advisable. Part of the excitement of being a voyeur is not being caught. Ignoring them will only encourage their behavior. Peeping Toms are usually physically harmless, but this can change if they get away with it for some time. Initially, they may get their kicks from just watching you but, once that doesn't seem quite so exciting any more, they may progress to stealing your underwear, exposing themselves or forcing themselves on you.


What can you do to stop someone from peeping? Nel says she filed an incident report with the police and distributed a memo around her complex warning other residents about the Peeping Tom. He never bothered her again. All Peeping Tom incidents should be reported to the police. Secretly watching a person getting dressed or bathing is a criminal offence and the perpetrator can be charged with crimen injuria - unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impairing the dignity of another.

If you catch a glimpse of a Peeping Tom, try to notice details so you can give police a good description and identify him later if he is caught. Taking a photo would be even better of course - but only if it is safe to do so. Warning neighbors about a Peeping Tom is a good idea but you need to be careful about identifying him. It's against the law to name and shame someone before they have been formally charged and made an appearance in court. An incident only becomes public knowledge after a perpetrator has appeared in court.

Tom, Dick and Harry

There are no outward signs someone is a Peeping Tom - they seem normal, they have jobs and normal relationships. What's not normal is their need to spy on people - preferably people getting undressed or having sex. They find this sexually stimulating, and usually masturbate during or after the incident.

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