Inexpensive Garden Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

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Planning a garden wedding is actually a practical idea if you are on a tight budget. You can really save money because you don't have to rent a hall where to hold your wedding ceremony and reception. You don't also need to have too many decorations because there is already a beautiful backdrop at your garden.

When it comes to your wedding favors, don't worry because there are lots of inexpensive options you can choose from. You can thank your guests for coming with beautiful mementos that they will surely take home and cherish for years to come, without spending a fortune. Here are some of the inexpensive garden themed wedding favor ideas:

Seed Packet Wedding Favors -these are perfect for a garden themed wedding. You can either provide single packets to everyone or tie a number of them together with a ribbon in a color that fits your wedding theme. There is a perennial selection when it comes to seeds or seeds of your wedding flowers. You can have the paper packets printed with fun words, or perhaps your names and wedding date. Seed packets make inexpensive wedding favors, yet are unique and can last for a lifetime.

Baby Sapling Wedding Favors -these are not just inexpensive, but in fact you can sometimes get these from the arbor foundation in your area for free! You can purchase special paper where to print your names or monograms, and wedding date on, and then tie them in a bow around the saplings. These are really a very practical treat for a garden themed wedding.

Terracotta Pot Wedding Favors -you can get very creative on these pots. If you are good in painting, well it's a plus! Paint the pots with whatever design you want (maybe butterflies or flowers) and you may add your names and wedding date to make the pots more personalized. Your hand-painted pots can actually inspire your guests to plant something, and that's not a bad idea isn't it?

Baby Food Jar Wedding Favors -you can place different kinds of items in these cute jars, such as seedlings. You can decorate these inexpensive wedding favors with a glued ribbon around the edge of the jars, and also to cover the lip.

Personalized Garden Stone Wedding Favors -now if you are looking for a real inexpensive wedding favor, this could be the best answer. Just simply collect stones in various shapes at your garden then paint them. You don't have to be an artist on this idea. In fact, simple images or writing messages on the stones would make a really nice idea. You can nicely place the stones on the tables so that your guests will be reminded that they have something to take home.

Garden wedding favors don't have to be really expensive. Other beautiful ideas that you can think of are butterflies, flowers, and wedding bubbles. By surfing the net, it is a lot easier to find some ideas for inexpensive wedding favors, be it your wedding is a garden-inspired or has a really unique theme.

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