Enrich your Sales Copy for Success in Internet Marketing

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Sales copy is the most exciting and resourceful method of communication for promotion of your product. You have a product to sell and you know the features and benefits of that product. Now, to sell that product, you will have to write a sales copy to communicate with buyers and to induce the reader to buy your product. So, sales copy should not be dull and boring copy with uninteresting things. You can use text enrichment tools for writing your copy, so that you can avoid writing a prosaic or an ordinary sales copy.

Writing a sales copy is a complex art and requires great skill. The main purpose of the sales copy is to influence the reader so as to make them act in a particular way. This requires the gearing up of the communication process to achieve the following aims.

-The reader should be able to perceive the action desired by the advertiser.

-The reader should retain the message of the advertisement.

-The reader should act on the basis of the facts and arguments mentioned in the advertisement.

The sole aim of the sales copy is to catch the attention of the customer. Monotonous or same tone of expression at all occasion can become stereotyped in due course and what had interested the reader once may no more arouse any enthusiasm in the reader.

Creative writing or business writing softwares can be used to enrich the sales copy or advertisement copy. Text enrichment tool available with some of the creative writing software suggests context based rich adjectives, adverbs and phrases to make the sales copy more interesting, so that you can make your sales copy more interesting and appealing for better results. Writing softwares can also be used to check and correct English grammar, spellings and for proofreading.

You should first decide the style of writing suitable for your product such as informative, persuasive or competitive. It could be a suggestive copy, illustrative copy with all details of the product with pictures and illustrations, educative copy containing valuable technological information, institutional copy highlighting strength of the company or humorous copy with exaggeration and cartoons or caricatures to make the sales copy more interesting. The sale advertisements are persuasive and provocative but institutional and educative copies are convincing and argumentative. Power of words in educative copies can be further strengthened with figures and statistics.

Essential elements in a sales copy are, bold or prominently displayed title which should grab the attention of the reader, illustrations, explanatory and appealing text, features and benefits of the product, details of the company or manufacturer such as name, address, fax and e-mail etc.

The language of the sales copy should be poetic and engaging to catch the attention of the potential customer. Drawings, cartoons and specially commissioned paintings can be used to lure the customers.

So, the sales or advertisement copy is not only to describe or present a product in some medium of communication but also to induce the reader to buy the product. For more information on writing softwares with text enrichment tool, please visit

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