The Best Skin Care Treatment for Skin Wrinkles

by Margaret Bell - Date: 2008-10-30 - Word Count: 540 Share This!

The best skin wrinkles treatment is a multi-ingredient product that addresses the various "causes" of the signs of aging.  Medical treatments always work best when they look at the cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. 

You might not think of skincare as a medical or health issue, but the skin is the largest organ of the body and it is the skin's health or lack of health that affects your appearance, either positively or negatively.   So, below, you will learn about the causes and the "cures" for wrinkling, sagging and all of the signs of aging.

Moisture Loss

Relatively speaking, moisture content is equivalent to firmness.  Excessive dryness causes sagging and dry-skin is more easily damaged.  Damage is less quick to heal, as we age, so it is important to protect yourself, whenever possible.

Obviously, the best skin wrinkles treatment to address moisture-loss is a moisturizing ingredient.  But, the typical lotions and creams contain petroleum based oils that are not similar to the skin's natural moisture and can not be absorbed by the pores.  Vegetables or plant-based oils are better solutions.

Decreased Production of New Cells

Until recently, there was little that we could do to address this issue.  Cellular production naturally decreases with age.  Once you pass the age of 30, the body begins to produce fewer collagen and elastin fibers.  Without new cells to replace damaged ones and new fibers to improve elasticity, we start to look older and older.  Skin wrinkles then start to appear.

You can't turn back the clock, but if you support the skin's health, you can look like you did.  Did you ever notice how some people look older than they are, while others seem ageless?  There's a reason for that.

People who have excellent nutritional habits have the ability to produce more replacement cells and fibers.  Researchers have learned that it is possible to supplement the skin's nutrient content with nourishing creams and lotions.

The latest "thing" in skin wrinkles treatment  is an ingredient called Functional Keratin.  It is a kind of protein that has been shown in clinical studies to increase skin-cell proliferation by 160% in as little as three days.  That's amazing.

Low Levels of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is like glue that holds the cells together.  As levels decrease, we lose firmness.  The face appears wrinkled or cracked.  Researchers have found that extracts from wakame kelp prevent the loss of hyaluronic acid, by blocking an enzyme that breaks the amino down.  Only the best skin wrinkles treatment contains wakame kelp extract, functional keratin and plant-based oils.  But there is another important component of this cream: antioxidants.

Free Radical Damage

Depending on who you listen too, free radical damage is only one of the causes of an aged appearance or it is completely to blame for all of the signs of aging.  I can't give you a definitive answer about the amount of blame that can be placed on radicals, but I can tell you that antioxidants prevent and repair free radical damage.

So, the last ingredients in this most effective skin wrinkles treatment are coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and other antioxidants.  For more facts see   Now, you have the keys to more beautiful skin.

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