Essential Buyers Guide For The Iphone 4

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Released in the UK on the 24th June 2010, the iPhone 4 is considered by many to be the latest must-have in mobile phone technology.

This article will gives you the key facts about the iPhone 4 so that you can decide for yourself whether it truly deserves the hype.

Main Benefits

What makes the iPhone 4 stand out from its predecessors is that it introduces a new operating system called iOS4. This allows for an exciting variety of new functionalities.

All in all, users report a vastly improved experience when multitasking between different applications because they can now be more easily organised into convenient folders. There is also an impressive screen display in terms of resolution. Their camera offering now comes complete with a 5-megapixel performance; LED flash, front facing camera screen for video calling, rear camera for photos and video and a longer-lasting battery.

Regarding looks, in contrast to the curved plastic of earlier models, the iPhone 4 now has a more squared shape with a solid stainless steel shell and thinner glass, giving it a solid and super sleek style.

Glitches and Solutions

The Death Grip

The term 'Death Grip' has been much discussed in user reviews. It refers to the fact that when people hold the iPhone, their hand sometimes covers the left-hand and bottom pieces of the antenna which mask the signal and results in dropped calls. The solution broadcast by Apple is to advise users not to hold their phone in this way, however if they want to prevent this altogether, they can boost the signal by buying a bumper case. Currently, Apple is even offering a free one with the iPhone 4 if you place your order before the 30th September 2010.

Fragile Glass

While Apple has advertised their iPhone 4 glass screens as "chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic", it has been reported that the glass has a tendency to crack or break rather easily. The obvious preventative solution for this problem is to ensure the mobile has a screen protector to avoid chipping and a wrap around case to prevent damage if it falls.

Screen Discolouration

Some iPhone 4 users have reported yellow bands or blotches at the edges of the display screen. This has been rumoured to be caused by the bonding agent during manufacture not being fully cured due to the rush to get the product on the market. The good news however is that owners say this disappears within a few days.

Rear Camera Issues

It has been reported by some iPhone 4 owners that the rear camera produces inaccurate indoor shots because the automatic colour balancer interprets white sheets as yellow. There is also the glitch experienced by some of the virtual shutter when taking a photo jamming shut. An Apple firmware is expected shortly to fix or improve the problem.

Buyers Options

Although the price for the iPhone 4 is subsidised in part by network providers, it is still priced at the high-end range. This will alleviate over time since O2 no longer holds exclusive retail rights, meaning there is an increasing number of competitive offers becoming available on the marketplace through other network providers.

You can choose to get a free iPhone 4 with a pay-monthly contract, or buy one yourself and simply pay for the SIM connection:

Contract option

While this choice allows people to get the new iPhone 4 without footing the full bill all at once, if you're looking to the future in terms of being able to snap up the next Apple offering, bear in mind that an 18 month or 24 month contract might see you tied down when the next iPhone is released.

Another consideration is choosing the right package for your free monthly data allowance. The general rule of thumb is that even with reasonably heavy web or internet based application use, most people won't exceed more than 500MB of data per month

SIM-only option

While a SIM-only package will initially dent your pocket by full payment for the iPhone 4, you will save a significant amount on tariff costs in the long run because an unlocked mobile which is not tied to a specific contract will allow you to join any network provider offering the most competitive deal. You'll also have the flexibility of being able to snap up the next iPhone release without having to wait for a contract to expire.

UK network providers are increasingly developing SIM-only package offerings, but at present high demand has resulted in stock shortages. Although it can be a three week wait, the Apple Store is still the best way to get your hands on an unlocked handset.

All in all, the iPhone 4 has caused a stir as being the coolest innovation in mobile phone technology, even despite its teething glitches.

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