Honda Pair Ready For Japanese Grand Prix

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To date, Honda is yet to finish in the top three in the current Formula One season which have been marred with controversies. But both drivers of Honda Racing Formula One are now ready to take on the next challenge. That event being the Japanese Grand Prix, it can be expected that the pressure is on the two drivers and the team to perform well in their team's home country. Although no team or driver is yet to win this season on home turf, Honda will be looking to upstage every other team to post a good finish to their dismal season.

The pair of Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button recently completed their testing at the Jerez circuit in Southern Spain. Both drivers are on hand to make sure that the last three races of the season will be a good one for them. It was recently revealed that there was a problem with the team's wind tunnel where they test their cars for its aerodynamics. This might have contributed to the failure of the team to post good results.

Brazilian Rubens Barrichello took driving duties first and he evaluated different settings of their car's aerodynamics. During the test, Barrichello covered 78 laps and worked himself through different setups. The next day of testing, Button joined the team and he took driving duties from teammate Barrichello. He continued the program started by the Brazilian by covering 74 laps. He continued the testing the next day and covered 48 laps following their program on aerodynamics in the morning. In the afternoon test driver James Rossiter was called in to continue the program. The test driver for the team backed by Honda, makers of reliable vehicles and luxury car parts such as Acura alternators covered 32 laps in the afternoon.

"Although I was not planning to test in Jerez this week, I felt it was important to evaluate the new parts," said Barrichello after the tests. "The car felt different to drive and it was good to establish what was working and what was not. I felt some improvements in the braking area which gives me confidence going to Fuji for the next race." A win from Barrichello will surely be very welcome news for the Japanese team. The veteran driver has shown in the past that he has the talent to win races but this season has found himself driving a subpar car due to the technical malfunctions on their wind tunnel.

Button is also looking forward to the race in Fuji. The said track will be a new experience for the Briton as the Suzuka circuit was not picked to be the venue of this year's Japanese Grand Prix. "As it was the last test of the season this week, we focused on preparing the car for the final three races. Both Rubens and I ran the car in different aero configurations to establish the best package and after a day and a half in the car, it was clear which direction we should be taking. It is always fun going to a new circuit so I am looking forward to the challenge of Fuji, although I am personally saddened at the absence of Suzuka this year as it is one of my favourite race tracks," said Button.

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