Head to Colorado for the Ultimate Art Festivals

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Art festivals are some of the most popular types of festivals during all of the seasons, but of course, mainly in the summer. Art festivals provide a venue for artists and crafters to show and sell their artwork to art lovers everywhere, and the customers have the opportunity to appreciate the artwork that is displayed, as well as support the artists that bring it.

The Mountain Art Festivals take place every summer in Summit County, Colorado. There are actually four art festivals that span the entire month of July. The town of Breckenridge hosts three of the art festivals, and the town of Dillon hosts one in their downtown district.

The town of Dillon, Colorado, is one of the most beautiful towns to stay at during the art festivals. The town is a lakeside resort community that is situated in the heart of the worlds most famous ski resorts. There are more than art festivals to visit in Dillon, too. Aside from the art festivals, guests of the town will experience all of the cultural, historical, and recreational activities all in one place. In addition to the Mountain Art Festivals, you can enjoy the Dillon Marina, Lake Dillon complete with a perfect backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, and a lakeside amphitheatre for various local activities on the lake. Dillon is approximately 75 miles west of Denver, Colorado.

The art festivals that take place in Breckenridge are some of the greatest art festivals in the world. Breckenridge is located about 90 miles west of Denver, and only 15 miles from Dillon. The town is 148 years old, and the evidence of the Victorian influences of the time is still seen throughout the architecture of the buildings of this perfect little town in the Rockies. Breckenridge makes a perfect place for art festivals because it is one of the premier resorts in the nation that is open year round, and the resort town is always full of activities and scenery that will take your breath away.

What else makes these art festivals so incredible is the fact that Mountain Art Festivals has established a reputation for their in kind donations every year to area non profit organizations. The money that is raised from the art festivals is in part given back to the community, and people are more than willing to come out to the art festivals, ranked among the top art festivals in the country, to have a great time and help give something back to the Colorado communities.

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