Free Website Traffic To Help Struggling Marketers During Tough Economic Times

by Daniel Pereira - Date: 2008-12-08 - Word Count: 597 Share This!

I used to get really frustrated because tons of my hard-earned money went to Yahoo and Google, just so that I could get website traffic. Luckily I slowly started to learn techniques that could generate traffic for free, and now I only choose to pay for additional website advertising if I know that it will bring me huge return on investments.

I wanted to put the focus for this article on the absolute easiest ways to get free traffic to your website. Sometimes I feel when I share these techniques for free traffic generation that some people think they require "too much work." Many of the techniques I share with people do require some work, but I guarantee that this work can be well worth your efforts. Or, if you really don't want to follow these techniques yourself, then it can be very cost effective to pay somebody to follow them for you.

To start off, one of the easiest things you could ever do to get more free traffic is to submit sitemaps to Google and Yahoo. This is the easiest way to "ask" the search engines to spider your website for content. It is 100% free and is a great way for getting some of your website pages extra exposure. Sure, Google will "naturally" start to spider your website for content, but as an entrepreneur, I know you aren't very patient. By submitting your sitemaps, you can start to get your site spidered within a couple of weeks rather than waiting months or even years for the search engines to "notice" your web pages.

Another really easy thing you can do for some extra free traffic is to take some of the content on your site, and then modify it slightly into article format. You would then just simply submit a couple of articles per week to a few of the many article directory sites across the web. You will start to see that these articles can at times receive very high rankings, along with a bunch of views from people interested in your content.

After creating and uploading articles, you can then take a few minutes to turn each article into a couple of videos. This can be as easy as having someone film you in front of a dry erase board as you explain those same concepts that were in the article. You can then just upload those videos to a few of the popular video sharing sites like Yahoo Video, Google Video, and YouTube. Make sure you mention your website in your videos and give people a compelling reason to visit in order to get more free info.

One more simple technique that will help you increase your website traffic will be to have a few links on your website that "remind" people that they can bookmark your page on one of the many social bookmarking websites. This is a popular practice that people use on their blogs. Bloggers know that if they include links that remind people to bookmark, then the chances of people deciding to bookmark are greatly increased. Once your web pages have been bookmarked by enough people, you will see that you will start getting even more free traffic.

So there you go. 4 proven techniques that consistently bring people more free traffic. Even if you decide to just follow one of the many techniques that I share in this article, then you can start to receive a large amount of free traffic to your sites. The big trick is to simply stay consistent in your efforts.

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