Hey, Some Teenagers Would Like to Pump Iron too

by Foras Aje - Date: 2007-01-06 - Word Count: 402 Share This!

The average male, even from childhood, instinctively knows that perhaps very little else attracts the opposite sex than a guy who looks and is fit.

Hey, it's just the way things are, and teens are very aware of this fact.

Therefore, is it any wonder that most adolescents are looking into information on tips for teens looking to exercise with free weights?

Well, if this happens to sound all to familiar to you as a male teenager, or even the adolescent females who may be informed on the many benefits of strength training, one thing that you must remember in spite of how good training with free weights may be is that it may not be possible to change much at this stage in your life because your body is still growing and changing.

In fact, the body you have now may not even remotely resemble the body you'll have in a few years.

But, that doesn't mean you should avoid exercise or strength training, you have come this far to research or else you won't be reading this article.

Strength training and cardio exercise are good for you, but they need to be catered to fit your present age and stage in life.

To this effect if you are the adolescent looking to work with free weights or the parent or guardian of a teenager interested in training with weights, do try to keep the following points in mind.

-Tips for teens looking to exercise with free weights should be based on a teen's present muscular ability and progressively increased as strength improves.

-Movements should be slow and in control, there shouldn't be any jerking.

-If teenagers start training prematurely, it may actually stunt growth because their bodies are just not prepared for that kind of stress, so go slow.

-You will do great to add some body-weight calisthenics to your routine, even some Yoga and definitely you want to do your cardiovascular exercise after weight training.

-Last but not least, in regards to tips for teens looking to exercise with free weights, one factor cannot be overlooked...you must eat a proper and healthy diet. As with all things, remember also to do the following

* Set your goals

* Set a timeframe for your goals

* Figure out how to meet your goals with an exercise program

* Structure your program

All in all, when done correctly, even as a teenager, training with free weights can be very rewarding, can't hurt and is definitely worth the effort.

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