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"Zyporex? What's that? Has anyone used it?" I've been seeing this question all over the net. You can't go to an acne forum (e.g. Yahoo Answers, Acne.org, and the My Acne Review Forum) without seeing a post about this new product. But there aren't many useful responses or reviews yet so I decided to investigate it myself and provide you with as much information about it as possible.Let me start by saying that Zyporex is basically just an exfoliating scrub. So, while it has some differences to make it better, if other exfoliating scrubs have not "cured" your acne, then neither will this one.Now let's take a closer look.All exfoliating scrubs are great to use. They clear away the dead skin and remove dirt from pores. This in itself is beneficial for preventing acne on mild acne sufferers. However, I must emphasize the word "mild" in that statement. Exfoliators, like other skin-application products, while beneficial for everyone, are only effective against acne for very mild sufferers; this type of sufferer will only have 2-3 pimples maximum at a time and will primarily still have great skin. If this is you, then by all means try this product.But if not.. if you are a severe sufferer.. or if you have a number blemishes and red marks all over the place.. or even just an outbreak in one particular area of skin, this product will do absolutely nothing other than make your skin feel fresh.Now before I continue with the criticism (which I do below), I always like showing both sides to any argument, so in that spirit here's what's makes Zyporex better than other exfoliators…   1. All the ingredients are natural (e.g. avocado, aloe vera etc) except for Vitamin A retinol palmitate. This is good because it will not dry your skin like benzoyl peroxide does products like Oxy10 or Proactiv. In addition, natural ingredients mean that your skin feels rejuvenated and oil is minimized, which is also beneficial for preventing acne.While that is a great thing for a product to offer this, same effect can be received by washing using any facial scrub and simply using a natural cream to follow it, like something with aloe vera or avocado. What's more, the combined cost of a facial scrub and a natural cream or mask would be something like $10-20 for a decent quantity, whereas Zyporex costs $30 for a 1 month supply.You would be better off buying Himalayan Crystal Salt which would cost $10 for a bar that would last 6 months to 1 year and is more effective (I wrote a post on this earlier - Treatments for Acne Symptoms - and I have a section on it in my acne book). Additionally, using this in most cases will do nothing for the cause of acne which is not found in the skin. As mentioned earlier it is an underlying issue and acne is a symptom of it (see What Causes Acne? Behind The Science).If we leave the product alone now, there are still other things to consider before looking at this product.Firstly, you cannot buy this anywhere but from zyporex.com or from a single eBay seller, so it would be fair to say that only one person is selling this product and anyone else advertising it is an affiliate selling for the same person to make some money.That alone says quite a bit. But on top of that, the testimonials don't even sound like they are from actual people. I have processed quite a few testimonials for work that I have done and none sound like the ones that you see on that site. To me, it seems as though someone just sat down and said, "Okay I need some testimonials, so I'll write a few and make them different and try and sound like I'm actually other people". It may work for some readers, but I don't think they are real.As if that wasn't enough, one of the sites selling this product (acnecuresrevealed.net) lists it as one of the Top 5 acne treatments available. But, if you look at the other 4 products - Acneticin, Orovo Acne Kit, Oxycerin, and Asso Gold Cleansing Bar - all of the websites look almost identical in layout and format. 'So what?' you may ask. So that means that, most likely, the same person created each of the sites and simply knows about internet marketing and is trying to make money from a very large online market. In this sense, they probably wouldn't even care that I am reviewing it because simply mentioning the product gives it a better rank on Google.So, I may have rambled on a bit too much but I think it is important to know what a product is before buying it. If after reading this, you believe it is still worth trying then give it a try! There is nothing wrong with trying things and this is a useful product for your skin! BUT, if you have anything more than a very light case of 'acne' then other than having fresh feeling skin, this product will not help you.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:To avoid any confusion here is some additional information about the ingredients of Zyporex.In reference to the product being all natural, that is not entirely accurate.Firstly, the extraction process generally used to retrieve nutrients and oils from herbs and fruits (the majority of the ingredients in the product) most often reduces the value and benefit of the nutrients altogether.The vitamin content in Zyporex is 100% synthetic.- Ascorbyl palmitate (the vitamin C content) is created by combining two forms of acid and is also used as a food additive- Retinol palmitate (vitamin A content) is a manufactured form of vitamin A and is the form that can lead to adverse side-effectsIn addition, one of the more prominent ingredients (determined by its position in the list) is sulfur, which may be the cause of the high allergic reaction rate.The product also contains the following non-natural ingredients:- preservative- peptides- glycerin (usually a byproduct of extracting other oils)- hyaluronic acid (an excess of this substance in the body has been shown to be involved in the progression of malignant tumors)Please investigate these substances further if this description is unclear.

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