How Entrepreneurs Can Find Financial Backing Through Video Media

by Nathian Jackson - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 380 Share This!

Venture Capital is the first term an entrepreneur will learn when trying to comprehend financial backing for start up ventures. It is one of the only avenues for the penniless inventors and business minded. They will shortly learn afterwards that they are loan sharks in black tuxes driving expensive cars. They will loan you money to begin a business or product if they deem it worthy. However they will take some controlling power of the company and idea and if they feel the risk is deepening they can pull the plug. When they decide to leave you either have to pay back the loan or sell the company idea for whatever money you can get and give it to them. That does not sound like fun and that is why people are looking elsewhere.

Video upload sites are a new place where the eager inventor, writer, business person can go to find help and promote their ideas at the same time. You will get comments and real feedback from others who will might even help you get started. Do not waste time with credit cards and venture capitalists or else you will be working for a bank paying of interest for the rest of your career. Be smart and get the backing where it counts.

By using video media it can add credibility to your idea. That is why companies have been using their own employees and CEOs in advertisements and statements to the public. Whether they are telling the truth or not people give them a little more respect for trying. If you are asking for capital for your startup be truthful and honest and people will listen. Give the facts and they will support themselves, you do not need to sugar coat anything, trust in one fact, investors love their money and can see through ploys as if they were learning the ABC's.

Just remember what you place on the web will stay on the web somewhere and might rear its ugly head in the future. Therefore, do not place embarrassing videos that could cause some embarrassment in the future. Get started today by registering and reviewing what others have said and asked for that way you will get a better understanding for what your proposal will need to be effective.

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