Internet Articles - Why Is Manual Article Submission Preferred?

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Marketing the articles effectively is also considered to be advantageous for the person looking to increase his business via the Internet. Most of the SEO service firms have now woken up to the fact and have incorporated article marketing as one of the main tools required for a good ranking by the search engines. However, the SEO professionals often find it difficult to pay due attention to the creation of an appropriate article as well as submitting it properly. Consequently, the article submission services have come into the picture and can help you to submit your articles properly enabling you to reap the full benefit as far as search engine rankings are concerned.

Most of us who use the Internet have now become familiar with the SEO methods. The functionality of adding strategic keywords to your article is not lost on most of us either. However, we do need to understand the nuances of article submission before we decide to go ahead armed with little or no knowledge of the proper practices of submitting an article.

The manual article submission method is a little slower than the automated method. Yet it is the one that is often more desirable. The article submission services aids in submitting them manually which works just great for creating back links. A team of professionals are normally engaged in checking every portion of the articles before they are submitted and particular care is taken to see that no part of the article gets omitted in the process. The links present within the articles can also be rotated from one place to another while submitting it manually. Most of the article directories have a CAPTCHA code in place now. Entering the code by typing each character individually is essential in order to gain access to the submission area. While the directories will ask you to re enter the code if you make an inadvertent error, an automatic submission becomes quite impossible this way. The software cannot read it and thus you may be deprived of submitting your articles to the directory of your choice.

The advantages of submitting your articles manually are manifold. Some of the important ones are:-

Total Control over the process Submission Categories Can be selected according to convenience. Submission to unlimited directories possible. Less chances of article rejections Possible to space out the submissions over a period of time

Using the automated submission process is not without risks. Obtaining a lot of links within a very short period of time might result in your site getting banned by the search engines. Most of the search engines will consider it to be a case of spamming. The slow but sure shot method of manual submission remains the best particularly when you want your articles to show results.

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