Work At Home - How Do You Separate The Scams From The Legitimate?

by Rachel Rose - Date: 2006-11-28 - Word Count: 364 Share This!

These days, everywhere you look, there's a "work from home" advertisement. In your email, on career searches, and on websites, are just a few places that these ads appear. Sure, it sounds great - who wouldn't love to work from home - spend more time with their family, avoid traffic and gas prices, and so forth? Proceed with caution, though - some businesses are not as honest with their promises as they should be.

Granted, there are legitimate business opportunities. There are definitely a lot of people making a lot of money online. However, there are probably more people that are losing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year on scams.

Some important things to look for in selecting a work from home job:

1. Contact And Support: If you can't reach the people that are advertising these jobs, why would you want to work for them? How do you know that they won't be as sketchy when it comes time to get paid?

2. Dead Links: If you are researching a company's page and you come across broken links, it shows that the site is not actively maintained. Again, if the company takes such a lax approach to their website, how can you trust that your paycheck will come safely?

3. Are their investment fees? How much are they and why? Some companies do charge fees - from $25 - $50 - because they take the time to support you, want to ensure that you're serious, and so forth. If a company is charging you a big amount of money, odds of being scammed are much greater. Usually the companies that are fake are the ones that charge a lot of money to people, stay in business for a month or so, and move on. Companies that require smaller fees are typically a lot more legitimate.

4. If there are investment fees, are they guaranteed should you have any problems? Ask for proof, if possible. There are companies that will advertise that they are guaranteed, but disappear off the face of the earth when it comes time for refunds.

Overall, there are definitely kosher jobs out there - but you have to be very careful. Do thorough research before handing over your hard earned money and/or time.

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