Female webmaster plans to move her parents from 25 year old trailer

by Monica Charles - Date: 2007-02-09 - Word Count: 235 Share This!

Monica Charles, a former waitress from the small town of Alice, Texas, long-time internet user and one of only a handful of female webmasters has developed a new and exciting concept in advertising. In a bid to help provide a better life for her mother and disabled father by moving them out of their 25 year old trailer home, Monica has offered her new advertising idea to the world.

Using skills in programming and web design she developed in her spare time, Monica gave birth to her new site: http://www.thescreensaversite.com.

Inspired by the star field screensaver in which viewers are inexplicably propelled through space, Monica hopes to captivate internet users with a new form of targeted advertising that will plug the major holes in most modern internet advertising strategies:

- A low cost and effective form of advertising for internet businesses. - A means of displaying products and services to customers that is interactive and fun.

Launching, Wednesday 31st of January, http://www.thescreensaversite.com offers individuals and businesses alike their chance to reserve their own piece of a virtual cosmos. The idea is actually pretty simple, the users will "travel" through space passing by various company logos and pictures, clicking on the ones that arouse their interest as they appear in front of them. There are 10,000 stars available for advertisers to purchase and each star costs a $100 each, and will be running online for 1000 days.

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