Attending A Baby Shower? Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts For New Parents

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Finding out that you are expecting for the first time can be one of the most exciting times in a couples life. The happiness and wonder of what is to come, exhilarates both husband and wife. For some there are many questions, for others, a sense of fulfillment to a great deal of planning. If you have been privileged enough to share in the great news with any such couple, then your mind has undoubtedly fast forwarded to thoughts of what the baby shower will be like. If you will be chosen to host such an event or simply have the joy of attending, you will want to give considerable thought to what kind of gift you will purchase. The first time parent will probably need more specific items, and this is where your shower gift selection can prove most beneficial.

It would be wise to keep a few points in mind when considering a baby shower gift for the first time parents. For instance, the new couple will most likely want to choose their own style of nursery décor. This is a very personal endeavor and nursery design should be left exclusively to the parents discretion. That being said, it would be unwise and maybe even a little awkward to presume selecting anything that is in contrast with their chosen nursery décor. It would be wiser, and far more considerate to focus your gift giving efforts on baby care items. Considering baby care items as potential shower gifts will open up a host of options to you. Here are a few items that the new baby will undoubtedly need. A diaper bag is a must have for the new arrival. Purchasing one for the new parents will add comfort and convenience to any travel experience with the new baby.

There are a wide variety of diaper bags to choose from. You need not worry if the parents receive additional diaper bags at the shower. Many parents enjoy having more than one diaper bag. This allows them flexibility in deciding what and how much to pack. When selecting a diaper bag, you'll want to check for overall durability, comfort, and capacity. These days many moms are opting for diaper bags with added accessories. There are a wide variety of diaper bags today that include such modern conveniences as cell phone cases, soiled clothing compartments, and ipod holders. These added conveniences surely make for a more pleasant outing with baby. There is also a wide selection when it comes to diaper bag style. Many manufacturers incorporate a variety of sizes and styles into the same design. You will often find the same pattern in a full size bag, tote size, as well as backpack style. Choose the size and style that you feel best meets the needs of the new parents. A personalized design would be greatly appreciated by both parents. Many diaper bags can be personalized with baby's name or color photo as well. Customizing a photo diaper bag would no doubt be a memorable baby shower gift.

Another very popular, baby care, shower gift is a portable baby bath. This item has remained popular throughout the years because of it's grand presentation. You can purchase an empty portable baby bath from a variety of sources these days. Once you have aquired the baby bath, then what you fill it with it up to you. Why not fill your baby bath with baby lotions, powders, shampoos, rash cremes, and other hygenic items? You can also include plush towells, wash cloths, and a variety of bath time toys. Another smart idea would be to tuck a cozy robe or pair of pajamas into the base of the bath for both parents. This will be an added and greatly appreciapted surprise for both parents. There are also a number of pre-filled portable baby bath gift sets available on the market for those that simply don't have the time to hand pick each included item. Hand made or pre-filled, the portable baby bath makes a wonderful gift idea.

The new baby is probably going to receive a large amount of baby clothing and accessories. It would be wise, then, when shopping, to think in terms of everyday clothing items. New parents can never have enough of two things-bibs and burp cloths! They will need an endless supply of these over the course of baby's first year. This is a good opportunity for you to help them stock up on this much needed item. Purchasing these in coordinating sets called "layettes" is a great idea because they usually include a variety of matching items. If you choose to purchase your bib and burp cloths separately, you might consider personalizing them with baby's name for a special added touch. These could later be saved and passed down as keepsake items.

Baby toys are another item you might consider when shopping for a shower gift. Most toys purchased as shower gifts tend to be geared towards baby's immediate use. Keys, rattles, and activity mats are popular shower gift items. However, since the new parents will probably receive a multitude of these, why not purchase a baby toy that is geared toward his future needs? Try looking for something that he will use from one to five years old. Purchasing a plush toy usually fills this need nicely. What little one doesn't always have his or her favorite stuffed animal in tow? Once again, you can make this item a little more special by adding personalization. You can have baby's name embroidered right onto the stuffed toy of your choice. Imagine baby's face as he learns to read and realizes that it is his name on the toy! It will surely become his favorite. You will want to purchase any such toy cautiously. Make sure there are no loose parts or removable items that baby might choke on. Once you have done so, this gift will truly be appreciated by both baby and parents alike.

Watching those you love become first time parents can be a wonderful and moving experience. Taking part in the baby shower can also be an exciting time for all involved. By enthusiastically reviewing the points considered, you are sure to choose a memorable and lasting gift that will be greatly appreciated by the new parents to be.

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