Acne Treatment - How Often Should I Wash My Face?

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It is important to keep the face clean without over washing or scrubbing. The face, or any skin that is overwashed, will be more easily irritated and may look red or even have cuts in it. Sometimes the result can be an irritant dermatitis that mimics acne. If the skin is then treated with medications designed to treat acne, then rash can actually worsen and start a negative cycle that remains unresponsive or is worsened by acne treatment.

The solution in these cases is to wash less often, no more than once or twice a day and to use gentle, surfactant free gentle cleansers followed by a facial moisturizer. The approach to washing should depend on your skin level of physical activity, whether you skin tends to be oily or dry, and the amount of time that you are willing to put into thinking about it.

In general, washing in the evening is more important than washing in the morning. Product you use may vary depending on the season. Gentler, moisturizing product may more appropriate in the winter months, with only occasional exfoliation, while more drying, foaming cleansers and more frequent exfoliation may be better for the warmer, more humid summer season.

Cleansers may also serve different purpose. Some are designed simply to rid the skin of accumulated sebum and to remove makeup and daily dirt, whereas others a re more aggressive with the goal of exfoliation of the dead upper layers of the skin. Still others are medicated to specifically treat acne while cleansing.

In general, washing in the evening is more important than washing in the morning. Also, exfoliating cleansers are useful for all but the most sensitive skin types, but I usually recommend that they be used only once twice a week or less depending on the other products being used and the sensitivity of the skin. For some people, that only acne treatment that they need may be found in the cleanser.

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