Alcohol Rage And Health Issues

by Rudolph Ragon - Date: 2010-05-21 - Word Count: 475 Share This!

Lots of the health issues that happen present day are very much due to the heavy intake of the alcoholic drinks. The consumption of the alcoholic drinks has become an attribute of people of all age groups. Present day, the scenario is even worst. The heavy intake of these hazardous drinks causes the malfunctioning of different parts of human body. They not only cause some very serious body related diseases, but they may also result in small heath related issues in everyday life. They are formed by the fermentation of various kinds of fruits like the grapes and others. They come in different varieties and range of costs.

One becomes very lethargic and the normal functioning of the brain is also disturbed by the heavy intake of such drinks. It also results in memory loss and a great degree of indecisiveness. Most of the liver related problems are caused by the consumption of the alcoholic drinks. This also leads to malfunctioning of the kidney. The overall effects of these may even result in incurable defects within the body, finally resulting in death. It results in loss of energy and the inability of the nerve cells to perform well.

Out of the many reasons that encourage one to be a part others while drinking alcoholic drinks, one of the major reason is the peer pressure. It is just a social obligation that people drink. This fact is best manifested in the social gatherings of all types. The constant persuasions of friends and family may cause you to indulge in this. There is a very common misconception that consumption of alcoholic drinks helps in entertainment and fun factor being enhanced. However, it causes more harm than doing good.

When it comes to the youngsters, the case is even more worse. The youngsters get too much influenced by the actions on television.. the advertisements and publicity have become one of the major driving force behind giving boost up to the people of young age. The actions here give an impression of getting more stronger and matured image by the consumption of alcoholic drinks. They try to mould themselves in same shape to achieve this. However, it creates lot more serious problems within the body. This causes very negative impact on their academic front thereby causing harm to their career.

Apart from these issues, lot many suicide cases have also been reported due to the heavy volume intake of the alcoholic drinks. These have been responsible for the mental disorder of many young aged people. They are big reasons for causing depression. It results in addiction once the limit of consumption is lost. The addiction for such drinks on everyday basis may also many other related problems.

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