RSS Technologies Has Pierced the Web

by Max Galitsyn - Date: 2007-01-12 - Word Count: 245 Share This!

RSS has brought new techniques in websites building. Webmasters can use RSS format to feed their websites with themed content. The most remarkable thing is that RSS feeds are constantly updated and visitor always gets fresh information on a topic.

Lots of online services based on RSS recently appeared. For example MG Way Corp has created a free RSS service which helps to generate RSS feeds from more then 50 services like Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Youtube, Blogdigger. Moreover, it is possible to generate RSS feeds of famous online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and ClickBank with an affiliate ID already implemented into feeds.

RSS technologies make it very easy for webmasters and bloggers to update their pages with fresh information on a given topic which will appeal users, create an audience or attract more traffic. On the other hand for webmasters, it will liberate tons of free time spent on surfing the internet for updating the site with fresh content. Now this time can be spent on web design, marketing or other things.

So, RSS is a great solution for both sides of information flows throughout the Internet. It corresponds to the needs of all members of today's Internet society: users, webmasters, bloggers, Internet marketers and of course Internet Media. They beat out all the revenues from this simple abbreviation which stands for a simple technology pierced the web.

To get closer to the modern RSS feed technologies visit and

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