Successful Home Businesses - The Three Keys They All Have In Common - What About You?

by Mark Tern - Date: 2007-03-18 - Word Count: 622 Share This!

Probably you have seen plenty of wonderful stories in the newspapers about successful home businesses that exploded in no time into goldmines for their owners.

If you are trying to set up your own successful home business probably your first thought has been: "They have been lucky; for me things are different, I don't have that kind of help…"

Well, being lucky here has little to do with what happened out there. If we could boil down all the success principles lying behind any successful home business, we would find that everything starts from just three principles.

1) Successful Home Businesses Do Proper Planning

Action is the propelling force that leads to results. And a plan is the backbone for big actions when expected results are big.

Plans express the way you are going to reach your goals and as there are both long term (five to ten years) and short term goals (one to six months), you must have plans for both. And guess it? The short term plan is just how you are going to reach your long term goals. In fact short term goals are nothing else than a breakdown of long term ones (i.e. the list of the short term goals is just the long term plan).

Beware that proper planning means also proper monitoring. Successful Home Businesses know when they are in or out of track. And there is only a way to know it: by comparing how things are going against a base plan.

Remember: these plans are the link between your entrepreneurial dreams and the outcome of your actions. So keep them under your eye to be sure you actions are leading you towards your dreams.

2) Successful Home Businesses Exploit Properly Already Existing Resources

You must have a clear grip on resources. With resources in the business world we mean money and time, but also people and their knowledge.

A small home business can have hard times in getting financial credit for its activities. So it's mandatory for successful home businesses to carefully exploit all the resources they already have.

It is not possible to start any venture without adequate finance and people to support it. The way to create and use these resources in the beginning will make or break your venture.

If you are short of money, you could ask help to friends and family. Your family could also help you with people that work in your project for the first few months, saving you a lot of hassle with human resources when you are getting started.

3) Successful Home Businesses Focus On Primary Targets and Discard Everything Else

Even if you have proper planning and are exploiting existing resources, you could fail if you don't focus properly. When you are starting your own home based business, there are so many things to do or so many opportunities to check that you run a very high risk of being sidetracked by whatever happen.

This risk is very high and you are at risk of wasting a LOT of time. The cure for this is focus and this is where things become personal. Focus will make these goals the first thing in your mind and every decision you'll take will be based on this. By definition, there is no deviation from the focus, once it is determined. Without focus, time and resources are wasted and the first two factors will be useless.

Your Next Step Towards Your Own Successful Home Business

If need to improve your successful home businesses focus skills I suggest you to start from my simple Focus Success Strategy report (at the previous link) that will put you on the right road of achieving real results with your actions.

Then if you have these three keys, then in no time you will be between the Successful Home Businesses.

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