How To Create Great Online Dating Personals

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Your online dating personals are your first point of contact with future friends and love interests so it's important you make them count! Online dating has now become so competitive that you often have only a few seconds to catch your potential mate's attention as they browse through the site. The good news about that competitive nature is that it means there are more people than ever online looking for someone just like you so make sure you showcase your personality and style to stand out above the rest.

Grab yourself and pen and paper and put some time aside to sit down to work on your profile when you have chance to think through the answers. Being vague or misleading will only limit the amount of compatible people that may contact you. Follow these guidelines to create a profile that is an accurate and flattering reflection of your true self!

Write As You Would Speak

Many people freeze when it comes time to fill out their online dating profile. But you don't have to have a big ego or great writing skills to write something nice about yourself!

Don't fall into the trap of submitting one word answers and same old, same old responses. What would you say if you were speaking to your potential love interest in person? Write it down!

Be unique and creative. Active, descriptive words can really help to dress up your profile. Instead of "I like: dogs and beaches", try saying "I like: tanning at the beach and hanging out in the park with my dog, Rover". Using this conversational tone in your profile gives people more insight into your personality and makes them more inclined to contact you if they like what they're reading!

Use Your Filters

Your personal filters are your best weapon in turning away incompatible people as soon as they read your profile. You can save yourself a good deal of time sifting through a mountain of emails from people you would never think of dating by simply stating exactly what it is that you are looking for in your profile.

If you refuse to date smokers, say so in your profile. If you prefer a certain build or body type, get it out in the open right away. Shallow? Not at all. It is crucial to your online dating success that you make it as easy as possible for the right person to find you without wasting time communicating with people you have nothing in common with or no interest in.

Be upfront and clearly state your expectations. After all, the internet has brought dating a long way, but has yet to teach us to read each other's minds!

Always Stay Positive

So maybe you have completed ten online dating profiles in recent months. Do not let your jaded or disappointed attitude right now spoil the impression that every person who reads your profile is forming about you over the next few weeks or months!

Negativity can shine through in your writing. Think of how you feel about negative people; you know the type, the constant complainer… the person whom you can never please. They are really not much fun to be around! If you did not know them already, would you be eager to meet them? Of course not - so do not sabotage your own online dating experience with sarcasm or negativity.

How could negativity show up in your profile? Failing to take the time to fill it out completely might tell people that you really are not putting much thought into the experience… so why should they put a second thought your way? Listing offline dating as one of your dislikes certainly does not send out a warm and fuzzy message to readers.

You might not even realize that your online dating profiles have a negative overtone. For example, saying "I hate jazz music" really is not providing any useful information about yourself. Try "I love listening to country music and dancing with my friends". This way you are telling the reader more about you and you sound much more inviting and friendly. Which person would you want to speak with or meet in person?

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