Writing Romantic Connections

by Sonia Fischer - Date: 2007-01-24 - Word Count: 397 Share This!

I've met quite a few people who fall in and out of love rather quickly. They meet someone at a party and it's love at first sight. The romance blossoms and dies practically overnight and they mourn what could have been. Then they move on to the next target in their frantic search to find "the one."

I see this pattern as a form of sickness, love sickness to be exact. These people want to be in love so badly they create situations in their minds to convince themselves it's true love. Most of us are guilty of doing this at one time or another, but the lucky ones eventually find true love and the illness abates.

So how do you, as a writer, make sure that your fictional characters don't fall into this trap? First, you must know your characters. Love needs a strong bond in order to survive. Think of this bond as nutrients that feed love to help it grow and stay strong. Without a bond, love will die much as a person would die without sustenance. Before the characters fall in love, you must ask yourself why they would fall in love. What do they have in common? Is there a bond strong enough to sustain their love?

Think carefully before deciding if a bond is strong enough. Many people become involved in a relationship based on transitory things. For example, couples meet at work, their schedules are compatible, and so they date. They have a lot in common because of the job, but what if the job changes? Will they still be compatible? There must be something deeper to connect them in order for the relationship to last. In this situation, perhaps their passion for their job connects them. They could both be accountants with a love of numbers. This shared interest could be built into a connection deeper than the actual job.

Make the bond between your characters strong and believable. The readers won't be fooled as easily as we are in life. They'll recognize a weak bond and the their belief in the story will be broken. Once you lose a reader's attention, it's very hard to regain. Make sure you fully develop your characters and their relationships by asking yourself if their bond is true. Your characters don't have to fall prey to love sickness, you have the ability to sustain their love.

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