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by Emily Robinson - Date: 2010-08-05 - Word Count: 499 Share This!

When you have CCTV installed you will normally do so for the various security features it provides. Most of us hope that with CCTV we will be able to prevent any crimes from occurring on our properties and to record any that do. At the same time though you can also get many other little benefits from a CCTV camera and you're likely to find that when you have one installed it keeps surprising you with its many uses and advantages. Here then we'll look at a few of those added benefits. They're not the main reasons for getting CCTV, but there are nevertheless very helpful and will ensure that you stay glad you opted to have CCTV installed.

It helps motivating staff: You don't want your staff to feel as though they're being watched 24-7 or you'll instil some kind of Big Brother type vibe. However the idea that their actions can be watched back at a later date is always going to be motivating to a degree and be on the back of their minds, ensuring that your CCTV improves the overall quality of customer interactions and the general productivity.

It aids finding faults: Again you shouldn't use your CCTV to threaten staff, but if there's something not entirely perfect and you think your staff could be working better as a team, then you can look back at old CCTV footage to find out whether this is the case. For example you might find that your staff are taking too many smoking breaks and that not much work is getting done as a result.

It lowers insurance: A way in which you are likely to feel the usefulness of CCTV is when you come to renew your insurance or get a new quote and find that having CCTV installed brings the cost down. Of course this isn't the same for all insurance companies, but when it is it is a very welcome added bonus of CCTV.

It inspires confidence and impresses visitors: CCTV is also a sign that a company is interested in its security. This means that other companies will then view yours as more conscientious, forward thinking and reliable, as well as impressing them on a purely shallow basis if your CCTV system is high tech and impressive. This way you will raise your company's profile and reputation, but will also find yourself more likely to attract business partners, clients and investors.

It helps you relax: Having a CCTV camera means that you're safer from crime and that your company is safer as a result. This means you can rest easy knowing your building is being 'watched' and feel safer at work - and you can't put a price on peace of mind!

These are just a few of the added bonuses provided by CCTV, but you will likely find once you have it installed that it has many other advantages and boons that will help to protect and grow your business and that will make you glad you had it installed.

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