Love? Sex? Oh! That is Just 5% of What Love Might Represent! What About the Other 95%? [part 2 of 3]

by Lucy Wong Moi - Date: 2007-02-26 - Word Count: 669 Share This!

[4] Spouses' love

This is a conditional love, a selfish love that doesn't or won't allow a third party. Is it good or bad? Can you imagine a someone who loves all and practises polygamy? That is not correct too. For goodness sake, think twice..... which do you prefer, monogamy or polygamy? I can predict chaos, disputes, jealousy, envy, selfishness .... if one allows multiple partners. Maybe I am conservative, maybe you are not, but to prevent is better than cure. Since this love is expressed by sex physically, don't distort sexology which should be sacred as well between husband and wife. Sex is part of our life as of food and drinks. It is a physiological and emotional need shared between loved ones.

Don't be a pervert. Be principle-centered. Ying and Yang balancing emotional acts will bond a loving couple whereby an imbalance will upset them. Lust and uncontrolled desire are negative forms of human love. To possess another person's body or mind, be it physically or mentally is something unkind. At least, love is about sharing and caring. It is our culture, our attitude towards how one looks at sex. Too much explicit and wrong concepts of sex from different medias have influenced our society and causing an alarming degrading of moral values among us. Let's pray that this negative will come to a stop. It all starts from us, as parents to set a good example.

Don't get yourself involved, be wise.... for the sake of all... for the sake that love or sex between spouses is sacred as should be, and meant to be a positive and healthy practise.... It is an attachment, sometimes a headache when there is a misunderstanding. Think twice, there is always this law of love. Don't be entangled in the webs of miseries, lies, desperate cries and eventually these marriages will soon die off

[5] Friends' loves

Friendships among friends are genuine relationships. Friendship is earned through trials and errors, proven with time, cemented by trust and forbearance. Mutual respect is one important trait between friends. 'Be friendly but not too familiar' is also a phrase that I always emphasize. As married friends we know our limits as not to go too personal.

A friend is ever so kind and understanding. A friend is ever so caring and considerate. A friend is ever interested in our work, but not interrupting. A friend is ever so concerning, be we literate or illiterate.

A friend's smile will be so enlightening. A friend's smile will be so encouraging. A friend's smile will be so touching. A friend's smile will be so warming.

Whoever and wherever that friend he is. Whatever and whichever that friend he is. He is always concerned and looks into our needs. Really a friend in need and a friend indeed.

He is that somebody who won't meddle up things. He is that somebody who won't burden you with things. He is that somebody who tells you not to worry about small things. He is that somebody who tells you not to do bad things.

He is that somebody who wipes our sweat and says. You need a rest. He is that somebody who wipes our tears and says. It is just God's test. He is that somebody who comforts our fears and says. Relax and stand it. He is that somebody who sacrifices his years and says. It is worth it!

A friend knows when to talk and when not to. A friend knows when to hug us and when not to. A friend knows our weaknesses, yet never complaining. A friend knows our heart's desires and always stimulating. A friend knows our silent, hidden, suppressed feeling. A friend knows our rate of heart beat and sick feeling. A friend knows our silly habits and favorite dishes. A friend knows our silly fantasies and wishes.

Yet never laughing at us in any way. Yet never looking down upon us either way. Yet never blaming us for who we are. A true friend indeed is a blessed, rare gift from GOD

to be continued....

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