In Direct Sales- The Role of Leader and Coach

by Jane Deuber - Date: 2007-03-13 - Word Count: 441 Share This!

As a leader you have the opportunity to touch the lives of your team members in a way that will make a difference in many areas of their lives. Yet, your role as a "coach" is not to teach, instruct or direct, but rather to encourage, inspire, and love.

Let's be honest. Have you ever avoided calling a team member because you did not want to hear them lament over a problem or report they have not yet followed through?

When you called, did your heart sink when you heard, "I'm just not having any luck with my calls." Or, "I just don't know if I should be doing this." If this rings true, take heart. You are most definitely not alone!

Dealing with negativity or pessimism is a natural part of being a leader. The trick is in how you view and respond to the scenario, that marks you as a leader.

Here are some suggestions:

Don't take another's dejection personally!

When a team member is feeling discouraged about her business, remember, it is not about YOU, it is about them! Whether pressure at work or issues at home, Consultants often displace their frustrations and take it out on their business. In reality, however, the business is something that brings them great joy.

Don't get any on you!

Sometimes managers become so connected to their team members that they actually feel responsible for their success. Do not allow the mood of a team member determine your level of commitment. Stand strong in your belief, yet compassionate, and you will help raise your team member to your level, rather than get dragged down in the dumps with them.

Respond with love and empathy!

Be aware there will be times when what your team member needs is not another suggestion, tip, or idea. Instead, she simply needs someone to listen without judgment, respond without advice, and reiterate a belief in her ability to work through the challenge.

Be there for them.

Communicate four times a week with those Consultants who are demonstrating a high level of commitment to their business, and less often with those who are not. Review their progress on a regular basis and determine your personal communication by matching your efforts to theirs. Consultants who are spending a considerable amount of time on their business merit more of your time. Consultants who invest little effort in their business should receive less of your attention.

Many times an encouraging word and a pat on the back is all that is needed to help your team member through a challenge and on to success! So pick up your pom-poms and offer encouragement! You'll be amazed how wonderful it makes you feel in the process!

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