Nokia 5500: of What Metal are You Made of?

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Nokia needs no introduction. The Finnish mobile giant is world renowned because of its cutting-edge technology, precision to detail, state-of-the art features and what's more, for its style. The Nokia 5500 has been in the mobile market for quite some time now. The Nokia 5500 is an awesome mobile handset with some stunning features and amazing shape. The already popular Nokia 5500 has got two new models-the Nokia 5500 Music and the Nokia 5500 Sport.

The Nokia 5500 Music is basically a music phone measuring 107mm x 45mm x 18mm and weighing 103 grams. The built-in music player produces crystal clear sound with stereophonic effects. The music player supports MP3, AMP, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA formats. Visual radio helps you tune into the radio stations when you get bored listening music on its music player. It's true, the Nokia 5500 Music is primarily a music phone, however, it packs a lot more than just music. The Nokia 5500 Music is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera to satisfy your photographic needs. The handset features an integrated pedometer, which lets you know about the distance travelled as well as calories burned during a run.

The Nokia 5500 Sport is same in dimension and weight with the Nokia 5500 Music. The Nokia 5500 Sport is an active handset for active people like you. The Nokia 5500 Sport is equipped with swap keys which allow you to switch from one mode to the other easily-music, phone and sports modes. The Nokia 5500 Sport is loaded with a 2 megapixel camera with 4 x digital zoom and self timer. The built-in music player and the FM player are impressive. The highlights of the phone is its sports features like Speed and Distance Counter, Calories Burned Counter and Tapping Command.

Connectivity features of the Nokia 5500 Music and the Nokia 5500 Sport are similar-thanks to Bluetooth, Pop-Port, USB, EDGE, GPRS and Infrared. While Nokia 5500 Sport comes with 64MB of internal memory plus 64MB of MicroSD card, the Nokia 5500 Music comes with 64MB of internal memory alongwith 512MB of MicroSD card.

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