Is Adam Ready For Hair Straightening?

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What would you normally see in a man'scloset? A pair of jeans, rubber shoes, sneakers, hair wax, deodorant,and a hair straightener. Yes, you read it correctly, a hairstraightener! Commonly used by the ladies and now, guys are alsobuying it.

Men who use hair straighteners arecalled Metrosexuals. These are heterosexual men who are veryparticular about how they look and their everyday appearance. Theydisplay a variety of attributes of a typical lifestyle of a gay man -fashion, lives in the city, gym goer, disposable income and non-stopshopping.

The success of the reality show "QueerAs Folks" made more and more men conscious with the way they look.From personal hygiene to the right and fashionable clothes, and fromstyling the mustache and beard to the right wax to use for the hair.

Men today are now going over beyond thestereotypical way of living. They spend money on branded clothes,perfumes, cosmetic products, and even pricey hair products such ashair straighteners. Men with curly hair would normally go to abarbershop and have it cut off really short or perhaps have it shavedall the way. Why? Because they find it very hard to manage especiallywhen its too long and hair products don't do the job anymore.

Hair straighteners work for men just asthey work for women. Men with messy curly hair often see it as acurse not to get the latest and trendy hairstyles. Men stuck in anuncontrollable wavy or bushy hair often result to low self-esteem andfrustration because no girls would want to date them. Everyone needsdiversity and change, a new look that would alter the kind oflifestyle we live in.

You may find this gay-ish or too girlybut believe it or not, there is an increasing number of men usinghair straighteners including Hollywood actors and personalities likesDavid Beckham, Tom Cruise and Will Smith. These celebrities are notashame for being branded as "metrosexuals" because they lookgood, they manage to look young and healthy even at their late 40's.Because of this, the growth in men's hairstyling alerted Cosmeticsand Hair product companies to develop hair straighteners tailoredespecially for the men.

Although there are still some areaswhere men using hair straighteners are subjected to mockery andridicule, more and more straight guys are actually buying theseproducts to achieve the look they want. Men who are shy to go tosalons to have their hair fixed would rather shop and do ado-it-your-own method where in they discover products such as hairstraighteners to fix and style their hair the way they've alwayswanted it to be.

Men's straightening flat iron issmaller and compact with thin plates enabling to get close to theroot of the hair strands without harming the delicate scalp. It worksperfectly with guys who have fringe which gives many more hair stylesfor men.

Still, whether you are a man or awoman, constant hair care and guidelines should be practiced.Frequent use of such hair products will lead to hair damage andbreakage. Remember to pamper your hair once in a while.

The modern day men now putting in morestuff in their drawer and shower area. So ladies, the next time youshop for vanity, remember to buy extra for your partners.

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