Battery Operated Watch Winders

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Watch winders generate an angular and circular motion that mimics the action of human arm movement for winding automatic wristwatches. These devices contain a small electric motor that is powered by batteries or AC/DC adapters. Battery operated watch winders are designed for outdoor use such as adventure trips and weekend getaways.

Battery operated watch winders provide flexibility and portability to users as they can be used at home and can be carried at outdoor locations where electric supply is unavailable. These devices are available as single and dual capacity winding devices that can wind one and two wristwatches respectively.

The operating cost of using battery operated watch winders is higher as compared to other winders that use electric adapters. The electric motor present inside these winders consumes a lot of power that exhausts the batteries within a few weeks. The cost of replacing batteries every other month can prove very expensive for low budget users. The best option is to buy rechargeable batteries compatible with the winding device that are economical in the long run. It is also important to purchase a battery operated watch winder that indicates the projected life of installed batteries. Users can check this information to replace the batteries in time and avoid any damage that may occur due to discharged batteries.

Battery operated watch winders are made from wood, metal, or plastic and have all the basic features available in AC powered watch winding devices such as standard winding mechanism, cushioned interior surfaces, grasping mechanism to firmly secure the watch, and polished exterior surfaces for using the watch winding device as a decorative art piece.

Battery operated winding devices perform at the same level as AC powered watch winders as long as batteries are replaced or recharged at regular intervals according to directions given in the device manual or rechargeable battery manual.

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