Are We Any Closer to Being Able to Control the Weather

by Jeffrey A Solochek, I - Date: 2008-05-12 - Word Count: 484 Share This!

Look at pictures of our planet the way it was 4 billion years ago. A hunk of rock in space. Today and look at everything we have been able to create from this rock. Everything starts out as an idea first and then it is created or invented. All that we have today came from this rock and many more things are yet to come.

Look at the damage that hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans. Was the money just laying around someplace so we can rebuild after these disasters? I would think that it would cost us a lot less if we could study weather and create something that could help us control this. We know what conditions are necessary for a tornadoes to evolve, the same for hurricanes, thunder storms, etc... How much money would we save if we didn't have to spend so much rebuilding after a disaster. Not to mention the lives that would be spared if we could control our weather.

We are able to send unmanned ships to planets like Mars and retrieve pictures, videos, and stats so how hard would it be to put together a team of scientists to study the weather and to create something that would allow us to stop these things in their tracks? We like clockwork send men and women into space to orbit our planet.

Unfortunately our government is only interested in short term cures.Preparing towns for disaster but not in finding a way to end these disasters. If we look at all we have accomplished all that we have created from this big hunk of rock then we will know that nothing is impossible. I think we could look at Star Trek to get the ideas that we must have so that we can invent something.

Imagine how much we would save and the lives that can be spared if we would just invent something that would help us put an end to all these disasters. If we are able to predict these storms and hurricanes a year in advance then why not invent something to end these disasters before they ever happen.

Most religions are telling us to visualize what we want in life and it will be. The past has taught us that everything has to start with an idea. We just don't start tinkering and invent something without a plan. There is an old saying "Don't Re-Invent the Wheel" but I strongly disagree with this. If this were the case then we'd still only have rotary dial phones. The same light bulb that Edison created would be all that we have now. Instead there is always room for improvement.

No matter what we believe in everything is basically saying the same to us.. Get an idea then set out to turn that idea into a product. Nothing is impossible, that has been proven time and time again.

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Jeffrey A. Solochek grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but now resides in Coastal Georgia. Mr. Solochek has a great sense of humor and he writes on a broad range of subjects which stem from his life experiences and his observations. All his writings containsNo BS, No FluffPlus everything he writes always contains a blend of his unique wit and humor.

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