Promotional Pens - A Great Trade Show Giveaway

by Gareth Parkin - Date: 2007-06-03 - Word Count: 523 Share This!

One of the best items that you can give away during a trade show is a promotional pen. They are very popular at trade shows for a good reason - when people go to trade shows, they are inundated with papers, pamphlets and flyers, most of which get tossed into a pile back at the office, never to be looked at again. However, if you had out a promotional pen with your papers or pamphlets, your pen will likely be looked at again, and again by potential clients at the trade show, even when they are back in the office.

The chief reason that promotional pens are so popular at trade shows is due to their size and functionality - they are compact and something that everyone and every business (read, potential client) needs and uses every day. In comparison to other promotional items, promotional pens are compact and easy to carry, especially when people are browsing around a trade show. It also helps you, the business, especially if you have limited space in your trade show booth.

Keep in mind that when people are at a trade show, they are doing a lot of different activities and most of those activities involve writing. You would actually be doing the people at the trade show a favor by ensuring that your pen is in their hands. Potential clients could be using your pens at sign up booths, to exchange contact information and to keep notes of the activities and vendors at a trade show. You would be distributing a valuable tool of the trade show that potential customers and clients would value and appreciate.

There are many types of promotional items that you can choose from, and having a variety of them with your business logo imprinted is important, however if you are looking for a promotional item to hand out at a trade show, an umbrella or mug for example, would be cumbersome and difficult to carry and many potential clients would pass on the offer anyway. A promotional keyring is also small to carry, but would likely be tossed into a bag, purse or pocket not to be seen again until later at home or at the office. You want your promotional item to be in the hands of people at the trade show, something they refer to often, without it being difficult to carry, thusly, handing out promotional pens at trade shows is the best choice for promotional items.

There are many types of promotional printed pens that you can choose from - from expensive looking engraved silver or gold pens to less expensive plastic pens, why you could even choose a highlighter or multi-functional promotional pen. The choices are truly endless, there are so many styles to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your company's logo and style and your budget. Where else can you get advertising that literally works for you without you being there for just pennies a piece? Check out the large selection of promotional and engraved pens that are available, just waiting for your logo to be imprinted on them to hand out at the next trade show.

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